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What is the Permit Program for Trail Use?

This program is authorized under the Recreation Enhancement Act which permits federal land management agencies to continue charging modest fees for some recreation uses.  Trail use fees on the Hoosier N.F. have been implemented by requiring an annual or day-use tag for horse and bicycle use on trails. Most of the income collected from the trail tags will remain on the Hoosier and will be used to maintain trails, improve visitor services for trail users, and enhance trailhead areas.

All horse and bicycle users on the National Forest, 17 years of age or older, are required to have a trail permit tag. Trail tags are available at the Forest offices and vendors.

Where are trail tags required?

Tags are required when using a horse or bicycle on a Hoosier N.F. trail, trailhead, or campground. Tags are not required on public roads or on the Hardin Ridge beach access trail. Horses and bicycles are required to stay on designated trails. Tags must be carried on your person or displayed from your horse or bike. There are approximately 175 miles of trails designated for bike use, and 202 miles of trail for horse use on the Forest.

Who needs a trail tag?

A tag is required for each adult rider. The tag is issued to the individual rider and may not be loaned to another person. Pack stock and foals without a rider are not required to have tags. Although Indiana Department of Natural Resources requires bridle tags for horseback riding on State lands, the tags are not interchangeable. Horseback riders or bicycle riders 16 years of age or younger are exempt from the permit requirement.

Please note the following change:  Under the old Recreation Fee Demonstration program, holders of Golden Age and Golden Access passports were entitled to a free tag. Under the guidelines for the new law, this is no longer the case and senior riders must buy a trail tag.  The passports are still valid for many other types of discounts such as camping.

Annual Trail permit 2015 Annual Trail Permit


Cost of trail tags, and where to get them?

The cost of an annual tag is $35.00 and a daily tag is $5.00/day (as of January 1, 2008). There are no refunds for lost or stolen trail tags.

Trail tags can be purchased at either the Tell City or Bedford offices of the Hoosier National Forest, through the mail, or from several local stores. A list of local vendors selling trails tags is linked here.

A mail order form is available and can be sent in with a check or money order payable to USDA Forest Service.

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