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Hunting Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Hunter with disabilitiesGeneral Information

The Hoosier National Forest is committed to providing recreation opportunities for all people. Hunting opportunities for people with disabilities are offered. To qualify, you must obtain a hunting permit for persons with disabilities from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife, 402 West Washington Street, Room W273, Indianapolis, IN 46204, phone 317-232-4080. For those unable to walk or with serious walking disabilities, your state hunting permit for persons with disabilities will allow you to hunt from a vehicle on National Forest land. To hunt from a vehicle on the Hoosier National Forest, the permit must specifically state “…can hunt from a stationary vehicle.”

Three National Forest roads that are closed to the general public are available with a disabled hunter permit:  Mogan Ridge, Buck Creek, and Pate Hollow. All state hunting laws apply. To obtain a disabled hunter permit, you must visit one of our offices in person and bring your current state hunting permit for persons with disabilties. That permit must allow you to hunt from a stationary vehicle.

Rules for hunting in these areas

  • Only licensed street legal vehicles may be used. However, off highway vehicles such as all-terrain-vehicles are not allowed on the Hoosier National Forest.
  • Vehicles may operate on the roadway only. No off road use is allowed although you may park immediately adjacent to the road if there is a suitable spot to do so.
  • Dirt roads may be traveled only when dry or frozen.
  • Your state hunting permit for persons with disabilities and your permission letter from the Forest Service must be in your possession .
  • Because these hunting areas are in a primitive, undeveloped setting, there are no improvements. If your disability is such that you may require assistance in a primitive environment, you may transport one assistant in your vehicle (no other passengers are allowed). The assistant may also hunt but must abide by all State hunting regulations. They may not hunt from the vehicle unless they also possess a state hunting permit for persons with disability and a permission letter from the Forest Service.
  • Access is granted to the Mogan Ridge area from early archery deer season to late archery deer season. Season dates are based on the current issue of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Hunting and Trapping Guide. Access is granted only during the dates specified above.
  • Users must close and lock the gate when entering and leaving the area.
  • Other hunters and trail users may be in the area. Please be mindful of safety and good sportsmanship.

Have a safe and enjoyable hunt!!