Meet the Forest’s Four Legged Employees

The U.S. Forest Service has a long tradition of using pack stock to bring supplies and gear to remote areas of the National Forest. This is especially true in the wilderness areas, where it is important to minimize mechanical transport of supplies and equipment. These animals are an important tool and a valuable partner in managing public lands.


Meet the Stock: WillowWillow is an 18 year old female mule. She's been with the Forest Service since 2001and is originally from Gardnerville, Nevada. Willow was first stationed at the Bridgeport Ranger District before transferring to Wells in 2006. She is by far the biggest of the Forest's horses and mules. She is the only female stock animal at the Wells office and definitely the "Queen" of the other animals. She is best friends with our smallest mule, Riot.






Meet the Stock: RiotRiot is a small male mule who is 23 years old and lived in Ely before joining the Forest Service in Wells in 2003. He is the oldest animal at the Wells office. His best friend is Willow. His favorite thing is to have his ears rubbed. Riot is used for both packing and riding and despite his name is very quiet and gentle.







Meet the Stock: AjaxAjax is a male mule and is 12 years old. He was born and raised in Logan, Utah and came to Well, Nevada to work for the the Forest Service 2011. Ajax loves any kind of attention and sometimes acts more like a dog than a mule.









Meet the Stock: BuckBuck is a 12-year-old buckskin quarter horse gelding and has been with the Forest Service in Wells since 2011 (he and Ajax came to Wells together from Utah). Buck was born and raised around Ogden, Utah. Buck is a very timid, gentle guy and his favorite thing is getting his grain in the mornings. He always helps out the mules on pack trips.







Meet the Stock: Lucky Lucky is a paint quarter horse gelding horse, 11 years old, and has been with the Forest Service since 2006, so most of his life. He was born and raised right outside of Wells in scenic Starr Valley, right next to the East Humboldt Wilderness. He loves having his forehead rubbed and going for rides. He also tags along with the mules and Buck on pack trips. Just about everyone in Wells knows and admires Lucky and he is a favorite among the locals.