The Humboldt-Toiyabe provides a home for both common and rare wildflowers. Some of the more rare wildflowers are found nowhere else in the world. Wherever you travel in Nevada and the Eastern Sierra these special treasures can be seen throughout the year.

In low elevations, wildflowers can be seen early in the spring as well as in the fall.

Mid-elevation lush meadows, conifer forests, aspen groves and green riparian areas have changing flower displays throughout the seasons.

Alpine plants have a short growing season so they must flower and set seed before the snow falls.

While enjoying the scenic beauty of the Forest please do not:

  • pick the wildflowers; take only photos and leave only footprints. Also, some pretty flowers are actually invasive plants that can damage ecosystems and the seeds are spread by people and vehicles.
  • transplant or dig up plants for your garden because these plants are adapted to special conditions and often will not survive outside their habitat. 

For information and photographs of wildflowers found on the Forest follow the below links.




Chokecherry/Desert Peach



Monkey Flowers



Ranger's Buttons

Rough Angelica