Balsamorhiza sp. and Wyethia sp.

[Photo] Wyethia, or Mule's Ear, white flower. Photo by Kate Crowell. Balsamroot and Mule’s Ears are two closely related sunflowers. They have large leaves that are tapered or arrowhead shaped and large flowers with white or yellow petals and yellow centers.


Both flowers grow in open meadows and slopes 3,000 to 7,000 feet in elevation.

Possible Viewing Sites

[Photo] Wildflowers blooming near Hinkey Summit. Photo by Janel Johnson.Hinckey Summit in the Santa Rosa mountain range, Camp Draw road in the Jarbidge and Mountain City Ranger District.


The seeds and thick tap roots were dried and eaten in the winter. Young shoots and leaves were eaten raw. The leaves and roots were used to treat cuts and skin infections.

Interesting Facts

Each "flower" is actually dozens of tiny flowers crowded together on a common base called receptacle.