[Photo] Red blooming cactusCacti are short plants with thick stems and no leaves. The stems may be round or flat and have clusters of short to long spines. Cactus flowers are red, pink or yellow and bloom in May and June.


Cacti grow in desert and sagebrush habitats and sometimes in pinyon-juniper forest. They are found throughout low to middle elevation areas of Nevada and the western United States.

[Photo] Blooming yellow cactus. Photo by Janel Johnson.Possible Viewing Sites

There are several species of cacti in lower areas of the Spring Mountains and central mountain ranges. Look for rocky, dry areas and in the openings between sagebrush and trees.


Native people ate the juicy fruits after burning off the spines. Prickly pear pads are still eaten today and the juice is made into jelly.

[Photo] Blooming pink cactus. Photo by Kate Crowell.Interesting Facts

The largest kind of cactus, the giant saguaro, grows in southern Arizona. Cactus flowers have many petals that close up at night. Cacti store water in their stems to survive dry seasons.