Prunus sp.

Chokecherry and Desert peach are shrubs up to 10 feet tall. Chokecherry have white flowers and red fruits, Desert peach have pink flowers and brown fruits.

[Photo] Chokecherry. Habitat/Distribution

Both of these shrubs grow at middle to upper elevations. Chokecherries grow on rocky slopes and near streams in the mountains. Desert peach grow in sagebrush and along dry creek beds.

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Chokecherries grow high in the mountains across Nevada and Clifornia and Desert peach grows in the lower foothills of western and central Nevads.


Chokecherries are edible but the twigs, leaves, and pits contain cyanide; cooking destroys the cyanide. Chokecherries are very bitter when raw but make a nice jelly.

Desert peach fruits look like tiny peaches, however the flesh is dry and inedible.

Interesting Facts

Chokecherries are closely related to cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, and almonds.