Mimulus sp.

[Photo] Pink Monkey Flower. Photo by Cheri Howell.Monkey flowers have five petals that are fused at the bottom to form a tube. The flowers are usually pink or yellow with purple stripes or dots. The plants can be very small, less than two inches tall, or up to four feet tall. Monkey flowers always have opposite leaves.


Large monkey flowers like wet, shady areas and usually grow near streams or ponds. Small monkey flowers grow in dry stream beds and other places that are wet in the spring.

Possible Viewing Sites

Look for monkey flowers near shaded streams in the mountains. The Ely, Ruby Mountains, and Jarbidge ranger districts have nice displays in early and mid-summer. Look for small monkey flowers at lower elevations across the forest.


The stems and leaves of some monkey flowers were mashed and put on burns to relieve pain.

[Photo] Pink Monkey Flower Toiyabe Bench. Photo by Janel Johnson.Interesting Facts

The markings on the petals of some monkey flowers look like a monkey face.