Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

The Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

is getting a much needed facelift!

Construction began at the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area in September 2011 at Cathedral Rock Picnic Area. New projects will begin construction in 2012-2013. All construction work will be completed by the end of 2014. Information is provided below that specifically addresses each recreation site on the mountain.

 Why now?

Concrete is aging and crumbling, picnic tables and other amenities are old and need replacement.

Restrooms are inaccessible from picnic and camping sites resulting in unplanned trails that cause soil erosion. 

A photo of campfire rings with soild erosion below the concrete ring.  Trails leading to restrooms that have been created by visitors and causing more soil erosion.

Asphalt is crumbling throughout the campgrounds and picnic area...

This is a photo taken of a road leading into the Spring Mountains that is in bad shape.

 When will the sites be under construction?


Construction Period

Spring Mountains Vistor Gateway  

Camping and Picnic Areas


Cathedral Rock Picnic Area and Trailhead

July 2012  --  Spring 2013

Kyle Canyon Picnic Area

July 2012  --  Spring 2014

Mahogany Grove Group Campground

Nov. 2012 -- May 2015

Foxtail Group Picnic Area

Nov. 2012 -- May 2015

Old Mill Picnic Area

Nov. 2012 -- May 2015


Trails and Parking Areas


Mary Jane Trailhead Parking

Construction is Complete

Trail Canyon Trailhead Parking lot

Construction is Complete

Desert View Overlook Trails and Parking 

July 2012 -- July 2013

Telephone Canyon Trail System

Feb. 2012 -- Spring 2013

Spring Mountains Gateway Visitor Center

Aug. 2012 -- thru 2015

Lovell Canyon Road

Construction is Complete

Construction Phone Hotline

 (866) 388-7162
Where can we camp or picnic?

***Campgrounds not affected by construction include Hilltop and Fletcher View.  These campgrounds will continue to operate normally.***

Go to www.recreation.gov for more places around the Spring Mountains to camp or picnic. 

What makes this possible?

The Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) became law in October 1998. It allows the Bureau of Land Management to sell public land within a specific boundary around Las Vegas, Nevada. The revenue derived from land sales is split between the State of Nevada General Education Fund (5%), the Southern Nevada Water Authority (10%), and a special account available to the Secretary of the Interior for:

  • Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas
  • Capital Improvements
  • Conservation Initiatives
  • Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plans (MSHCP)
  • Environmentally Sensitive Land Acquisitions
  • Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Wildfire Prevention
  • Eastern Nevada Landscape Restoration Act
  • Lake Tahoe Restoration Act Projects

Other provisions in the SNPLMA direct certain land sale and acquisition procedures, direct the BLM to convey title of land in the McCarran Airport noise zone to Clark County, and provide for the sale of land for affordable housing.