Kings Canyon Road

Kings Canyon Road

[Historic Photo] on Kings Canyon Road, about 3 miles northeast of Spooner Summit. Once the favored route for travel and freight transport into and out of the Comstock region of Western Nevada, Kings Canyon Toll Road, is still traveled today. Though tolls are no longer collected, and Toll has been dropped from the name, you can relive a little old-west history by taking a trip down Kings Canyon Road. Depending on your mode of transportation, whether motorized (cars and 2-wheel drives not recommended), on-foot or by horse, take care to stay safe as this road is not currently maintained making some areas difficult to pass.

Kings Canyon Road runs from Kings Canyon, near Carson City, to US-50 on the southeastern side of Lake Tahoe.

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Read a detailed history, and a discussion of the future, of Kings Canyon Road written by Greg Haynes and Terry Birk, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Kings Canyon Road: Maintaining Cultural Connectivity in Peripheral Western Nevada.