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IITF's Accomplishment Reports are a recollection of the work achieved at the Institute during different fiscal years. In the following documents you will find numerous and diverse examples of Forest Service personnel striving to carry out the Institute’s mission, through the complementary programmatic realms of Research and Development, State and Private Forestry, and International Cooperation; and as supported by a Business Operation Unit.

Latest Report

This edition of IITF’s Accomplishment Report includes achievements from fiscal year 2021. It was a highly productive year. We advanced knowledge and understanding about tropical forest systems and their conservation.

  • 2021 Accomplishment Report

    A waterfall in the background and the logo and information of IITF make the cover of the AR 2021

    In the report you will find summaries about the cutting-edge science we are engaged in throughout the Greater Caribbean. You will see innovative efforts to transfer that information through digital and printed media, trainings, and outreach activities and learn about the dedicated people who make it all happen. Also included are lists of numerous publications and data sets delivered to the scientific community and society at large. In addition, you will find information on the effects of Hurricane Maria on our tropical forest system and the leading research we provided as a response.

Previous Years

  • 2014-2015 Accomplishments Report

    The cover image of the 2014-2015 IITF accomplishment report

    This edition of the Institute’s Accomplishments Report spans fiscal years 2014-2015. These past two years were exciting and productive!

  • 2013 Accomplishment Report

    The cover image of the 2013 IITF accomplishment report

    Fiscal year (FY) 2013 was marked by the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Institute. A year full of celebratory activities across all our programs: International Cooperation, State and Private Forestry and Research and Development.

  • 2012 Accomplishment Report

    The cover image of the 2012 IITF accomplishment report

    Fiscal year (FY) 2012 was marked by the inaugurations of the renovated facilities at the Institute’s Headquarters in Río Piedras and the Sabana Field Research Station in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Amidst the moving and celebrations, much was accomplished this fiscal year within each of the Institute’s programs.

  • 2011 Accomplishment Report

    The cover image of the 2011 IITF accomplishment report

    Fiscal year (FY) 2011 was one of renovation at the Institute. This first edition of our Accomplishment Report includes all of the Institute’s units. Hoping you enjoy learning what we accomplished during FY 2011.

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