Scientist Profiles

Soil Ecology

  • Grizelle González - Institute Director

    Two scientists working on the field taking samples

    Research interests: Soil ecology and biology, ecosystem ecology, tropical ecology, earthworm ecology.


  • Michael Keller - Research Physical Scientist

    portrait picture of Michael Keller

    Research interests: Ecology and biogeochemistry of tropical forests, tropical deforestation and forest degradation, and the effects of changing tropical land uses on regional and global atmospheric composition. His studies have used a wide variety of tools including remote sensing, forest inventory, biogeochemical experimental manipulations, and ecosystem modeling.

  • Tana E. Wood - Research Ecologist

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    Research interests: Effects of climate and land-use change on soil and ecosystem-level processes, with an approach ranging from field studies that evaluate landscape-scale responses, to variability in climate to laboratory experiments that elucidate linkages between microbes and the soil environment

Community Ecology and Watersheds

  • Tamara Heartsill-Scalley - Research Ecologist

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    Research interests: Forest ecology, emphasizing vegetation community ecology and responses to disturbance, and landscape land-cover. Wetland systems, including montane and coastal wetlands, riparian vegetation and stream interactions. Forest dynamics in Caribbean forests including capacity building, and research on structure and composition under different management and disturbance conditions.

Landscape Ecology

  • William A. Gould - Research Ecologist

    portrait picture of Michael William A. Gould

    Research interests: Conservation science, biodiversity, ecology, land cover mapping, modeling future scenarios for conservation planning, and field education and outreach.

  • Eileen Helmer - Research Ecologist

    A close up image of byoprhites

    Research interests: Relationships between tropical forest disturbance and dynamics from stand to landscape scales; monitoring forest disturbance, species composition, structure and phenology with satellite imagery; socioeconomic controls on tropical forest disturbance and recovery.

Social Science

  • Kathleen McGinley - Research Social Scientist

    portrait picture of Michael Kathleen McGinley

    Research interests: Natural resource and forest policies, institutions, and governance approaches, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean, to determine their effects on tropical landscapes, forests and other natural resources, and associated human dimensions.

  • Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson - Research Social Scientist

    portrait picture of Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson

    Research interests: Institutional arrangements, processes, and tools for facilitating more productive interactions among diverse research and policy stakeholders; and improving the ability of decision-makers, managers, and citizens to achieve more sustainable and just outcomes.

Wildlife Ecology

  • Wayne J. Arendt - Wildlife Biologist

    portrait picture of Wayne J. Arendt

    Research interests: Disturbance ecology, climate change, conservation and management of neotropical resident and migratory bird communities and invasive species, with an emphasis on distribution, population dynamics, avian ectoparasites and life‐history strategies.

  • Joseph M. Wunderle Jr. - Wildlife Biologist

    portrait picture of Joseph M. Wunderle Jr.

    Research interests: Conservation biology of birds, especially neotropical-nearctic migrants and their response to human and natural disturbances with objective of devising management practices to ameliorate adverse effects.

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