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Title: An Introduction to the Physiography and History of the Bisley Experimental Watersheds in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico.

Author(s): Frederick N. Scatena.

Year: 1989

Title: Avian studies and research opportunities in the Luquillo Experimental Forest: a tropical rain forest in Puerto Rico.

Author(s): Joseph Wunderle, Jr; Wayne J. Arendt.

Year: 2011

Title: Changes in structure, composition, and nutrients during 15 years of hurricane-induced succession in a subtropical wet forest in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Tamara Heartsill Scalley; Frederick N. Scatena; Ariel E. Lugo; Samuel Moya; Carlos R. Estrada.

Year: 2010

Title: Ecological gradient analyses in a tropical landscape: multiple perspectives and emerging themes

Author(s): Grizelle González; Michael R. Willig; Robert B. Waide.

Year: 2013

Title: Effects of post-hurricane fertilization and debris removal on earthworm abundance and biomass in subtropical forests in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Grizelle González; Y. Li; X. Zou.

Year: 2007

Title: Forest vegetation along environmental gradients in northeastern Puerto Rico

Author(s): Peter L. Weaver; William A. Gould.

Year: 2013

Title: Guide to the ecological systems of Puerto Rico

Author(s): Gary L Miller; Ariel E. Lugo

Year: 2009

Title: Luquillo Experimental Forest: Research History and Opportunities

Author(s): Nancy L. Harris; Ariel E. Lugo; Sandra Brown; Tamara Heartsill-Scalley.

Year: 2012

Title: Mapping the Forest Type and Land Cover of Puerto Rico, a Component of the Caribbean Biodiversity Hotspot

Author(s): Eileen Helmer; Olga Ramos; T. del M Lopez; Maya Quinones; W. Diaz.

Year: 2002

Title: Mapping the Climate of Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra

Author(s): Christopher Daly; Eileen Helmer; Maya Quinones.

Year: 2003

Title: Passing the baton from the Tainos to tomorrow: forest conservation in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Kathryn Robinson; Jerry Bauer; Ariel E. Lugo;

Year: 2014

Title: Puerto Rican Karst-A Vital Resource

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo; Leopoldo Miranda Castro; Abel Vale; Tania del Mar López; Enrique Hernández Prieto; Andrés García Martinó; Alberto R. Puente Rolón; Adrianne G. Tossas; Donald A. McFarlane; Tom Miller; Armando Rodríguez; Joyce Lundberg; John Thomlinson; José Colón; Johannes H. Schellekens; Olga Ramos; Eileen Helmer

Year: 2001

Title: Research History and Opportunities in the Luquillo Experimental Forest

Author(s): Sandra Brown; Ariel E. Lugo; Susan Silander; Leon Liegel.

Year: 1983

Title: The Ecological Life Zones of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Author(s): J.J. Ewel; J.L. Whitmore.

Year: 1973

Title: The Forest Resources of Puerto Rico

Author(s): Birdsey, Richard A.; Weaver, Peter L.

Year: 1983

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