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Title: A 42 year inference of cloud base height trends in the Luquillo Mountains of northeastern Puerto Rico

Author(s): Paul W. Miller; Thomas L. Mote; Craig A. Ramseyer; Ashley Van Beusekom; Martha Scholl; Grizelle González.

Title: A new approach to evaluate site quality for reforestation programs

Author(s): Wei Huang; Xiaoming Zou.

Title: A Physically Based Daily Simulation of the Glacier-Dominated Hydrology of the Copper River Basin, Alaska

Author(s): Ashley Van Beusekom; Roland J. Viger.

Title: Acta Científica Vol. 29 (1-3)

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo.

Title: An automatic method for screening clouds and cloud shadows in optical satellite image time series in cloudy regions

Author(s): Xiaolin Zhu; Eileen Helmer.

Title: An Automatic System for Reconstructing High-Quality Seasonal Landsat Time-Series

Author(s): Xiaolin Zhu; Eileen H. Helmer; Jin Chen; Desheng Liu.

Title: Assessing climate vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies for resilient beef and dairy operations in the tropics

Author(s): Guillermo Ortiz-Colón; Stephen J. Fain; Isabel K. Parés; Jaime Curbelo-Rodríguez; Esbal Jiménez-Cabán; Melvin Pagán-Morales; William A. Gould.

Title: Assessing Forest Sustainability in the Tropical Islands of the United States

Author(s): Kathleen McGinley; Guy Robertson; Kathleen Friday; Constance Carpenter.

Title: Associations among arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and seedlings are predicted to change with tree successional status

Author(s): Benedicte Bachelot; María Uriarte; Robert Muscarella; Jimena Forero-Montaña; Jill Thompson; Krista McGuire; Jess Zimmerman; Nathan G. Swenson; James S. Clark.

Title: BioTime: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene

Author(s): Maria Dornelas; Laura H. Antao; Faye Moyes; Amanda E. Bates; William A. Gould; Donald L. Henshaw.

Title: Canopy area of large trees explains aboveground biomass variations across neotropical forest landscapes

Author(s): Victoria Meyer; Sassan Saatchi; David B. Clark; Michael Keller; Grégoire Vincent; António Ferraz; Fernando Espírito-Santo; Marcus V N. Oliveira; Dahlia Kaki; Jérôme Chave.

Title: Caracterización Anatómica de Porciones Juveniles de Tallos de Cactaceae Presentes en los Estados Lara y Falcón (Venezuela)

Author(s): Damelis Jáuregui; Marina García; Ernesto Medina.

Title: Chapter 4: Direct and indirect drivers of change in biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people

Author(s): Mercedes Bustamante; Eileen H. Helmer; Steven Schill; Jayne Belnap; Laura K. Brown; Ernesto Brugnoli; Jana E. Compton; Richard H. Coupe; Marcello Hernández-Blanco; Forest Isbell; Julie Lockwood; Juan Pablo Lozoya Ascárate.; David McGuire; Anibal Pauchard; Ramon Pichs-Madruga; Ricardo Ribeiro Rodrigues; Gerardo Arturo Sanchez- Azofeifa; Alvaro Soutullo; Avelino Suarez; Elizabeth Troutt.

Title: Characterization of ten extreme disturbance events in the context of social and ecological systems

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo.

Title: Correlating drought conservation practices and drought vulnerability in a tropical agricultural system

Author(s): Nora Álvarez-Berríos; Sandra Soto-Bayó; Eva Holupchinski; Stephen Fain; William A. Gould.

Title: Current Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management: North America

Author(s): Jacek P. Siry; Frederick W. Cubbage; Kevin M. Potter; Kathleen McGinley.

Title: Drivers and mechanisms of tree mortality in moist tropical forests

Author(s): Nate McDowell; Craig D. Allen; Kristina Anderson-Teixeira; Paulo Brando; Roel Brienen; Jeff Chambers; Brad Christoffersen; Stuart Davies; Chris Doughty; Alvaro Duque; Fernando Espirito-Santo; Rosie Fisher; Clarissa G. Fontes; David Galbraith; Devin Goodsman; Charlotte Grossiord; Henrik Hartmann; Jennifer Holm; Daniel J. Johnson; Abd Rahman Kassim; Michael Keller; Charlie Koven; Lara Kueppers; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Yadvinder Malhi; Sean M. McMahon; Maurizio Mencuccini; Patrick Meir; Paul Moorcroft; Helene C. Muller-Landau; Oliver L. Phillips; Thomas Powell; Carlos A. Sierra; John Sperry; Jeff Warren; Chonggang Xu; Xiangtao Xu.

Title: Early stage litter decomposition across biomes

Author(s): Ika Djukic; Sebastian Kepfer-Rojas; Inger Kappel Schmidt; [and others]; (IITF) Grizelle González.

Title: Ecology of soil arthropod fauna in tropical forests: A review of studies from Puerto Rico

Author(s): Grizelle González; María F. Barberena.

Title: El Niño drought increased canopy turnover in Amazon forests

Author(s): Veronika Leitold; Douglas C. Morton; Marcos Longo; Maiza Nara dos-Santos; Michael Keller; Marcos Scaranello.

Title: El Atlas del Bosque Nacional El Yunque

Author(s): Maya Quiñones; Isabel K. Parés-Ramos; William A. Gould; Grizelle González; Kathleen McGinley; Pedro Ríos.

Title: El Yunque National Forest Atlas

Author(s): Maya Quiñones; Isabel K. Parés-Ramos; William A. Gould; Grizelle González; Kathleen McGinley; Pedro Ríos.

Title: Fire resistance in a Caribbean dry forest: inferences from the allometry of bark thickness

Author(s): Brett T. Wolfe; Gabriel E. Saldaña Diaz; Skip J. Van Bloem

Title: Fire weather and likelihood: characterizing climate space for fire occurrence and extent in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Ashley E. Van Beusekom; William A. Gould; A. Carolina Monmany; Azad Henareh Khalyani; Maya Quiñones; Stephen J. Fain; Maria José Andrade-Núñez; Grizelle González.

Title: Geographical ecology of dry forest tree communities in the West Indies

Author(s): Janet Franklin; Riley Andrade; Mark L. Daniels; Patrick Fairbairn; Maria C. Fandino; Thomas W. Gillespie; Grizelle González; Otto Gonzalez; Daniel Imbert; Valerie Kapos; Daniel L. Kelly; Humfredo Marcano-Vega; Elvia J. Meléndez-Ackerman; Kurt P. McLaren; Morag A. McDonald; Julie Ripplinger; Julissa Rojas-Sandoval; Michael S. Ross; Jorge Ruiz; David W. Steadman; Edmund V. J. Tanner; Inge Terrill; Michel Vennetier.

Title: Have bird distributions shifted along an elevational gradient on a tropical mountain?

Author(s): Marconi Campos-Cerqueira; Wayne J. Arendt; Joseph M. Wunderle; T. Mitchell. Aide.

Title: Hurricane Maria in the U.S. Caribbean: Disturbance Forces, Variation of Effects, and Implications for Future Storms

Author(s): Ashley Van Beusekom; Nora Alvarez-Berríos; William Gould; Maya Quiñones; Grizelle González

Title: Infrared heater system for warming tropical forest understory plants and soils

Author(s): Bruce A. Kimball; Aura M. Alonso-Rodríguez; Molly A. Cavaleri; Sasha C. Reed; Grizelle González; Tana E. Wood.

Title: Impacts of airborne lidar pulse density on estimating biomass stocks and changes in a selectively logged tropical forest

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Silva; Andrew Thomas Hudak; Lee Alexander Vierling; Carine Klauberg; Mariano Garcia; Antonio Ferraz; Michael Keller; Jan Eitel; Sassan Saatchi.

Title: Impacto del celentamiento global y enriquecimiento atmosférico de CO2 sobre cultivos tropicales: la perspectiva para Venezuela

Author(s): Ernesto Medina; Grisel Velásquez; Ismael Hernández Valencia.

Title: Improving predictions of tropical forest response to climate change through integration of field studies and ecosystem modeling

Author(s): Xiaohui Feng; María Uriarte; Grizelle González; Sasha Reed; Jill Thompson. Jess K. Zimmerman; Lora Murphy.

Title: La muda en especies de aves selectas de Nicaragua

Author(s): Marvin Alejandro Tórrez; Wayne Arendt.

Title: Landscape-scale lidar analysis of aboveground biomass distribution in secondary Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Author(s): Justin M. Becknell; Michael Keller; Daniel Piotto; Marcos Longo; Maiza Nara dos-Santos; Marcos A.

Title: Large-scale fine-resolution products of forest disturbance using new approaches from spacborne sar interferometry

Author(s): Yang Lei; Robert Treuhaft; Michael Keller; Richard Lucas; Paul Siqueira; Michael Schmidt.

Title: Litterfall Production Prior to and during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Four Puerto Rican Forests

Author(s): Xianbin Liu; Xiucheng Zeng; Xiaoming Zou; Grizelle González. Chao Wang; Si Yang.

Title: NASA's Black Marble nighttime lights product suite

Author(s): Miguel O. Román; Zhuosen Wang; Qingsong Sun; Virginia Kalb; Steven D. Miller; Andrew Molthan; Lori Schultz; Jordan Bell; Eleanor C. Stokes; Bhartendu Pandey; Karen C. Seto; Dorothy Hall; Tomohiro Oda; Robert E. Wolfe; Gary Lin; Navid Golpayegani; Sadashiva Devadiga; Carol Davidson; Sudipta Sarkar; Cid Praderas; Jeffrey Schmaltz; Ryan Boller; Joshua Stevens; Olga M. Ramos González; Elizabeth Padilla; José Alonso; Yasmín Detrés; Roy Armstrong; Ismael Miranda; Yasmín Conte; Nitza Marrero; Kytt MacManus; Thomas Esch; Edward J. Masuoka.

Title: Natural resource participation, collaboration, and partnerships

Author(s): Kathleen McGinley.

Title: Novelty in Ecosystems

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo; Kristin M. Winchell; Tomás A. Carlo.

Title: Optimizing biomass estimates of savanna woodland at different spatial scales in the Brazilian Cerrado: Re-evaluating allometric equations and environmental influences

Author(s): Iris Roitman; Mercedes M. C. Bustamante; Ricardo F. Haidar; Julia Z. Shimbo; Guilherme C. Abdala; George Eiten; Christopher W. Fagg; Maria Cristina Felfili; Jeanine Maria Felfili; Tamiel K. B. Jacobson; Galiana S. Lindoso; Michael Keller; Eddie Lenza; Sabrina C. Miranda; José Roberto R. Pinto; Ariane A. Rodrigues; Wellington B. C. Delitti; Pedro Roitman; Jhames M. Sampaio.

Title: Physiological Ecology of Psammophytic and Halophytic Plant Species from Coastal Plains in Northern South America

Author(s): Ernesto Medina.

Title: Post-drought decline of the Amazon carbon sink

Author(s): Yan Yang; Sassan S. Saatchi; Liang Xu; Yifan Yu; Sungho Choi; Nathan Phillips; Robert Kennedy; Michael Keller; Yuri Knyazikhin; Ranga B. Myneni.

Title: Quantification of selective logging in tropical forest with spaceborne SAR interferometry

Author(s): Yang Lei; Robert Treuhaft; Michael Keller; Maiza dos-Santos; Fabio Gonçalves; Maxim Neumann.

Title: Resighting data reveal weak connectivity from wintering to breeding grounds in a range-restricted and endangered long-distance migratory passerine

Author(s): Nathan W. Cooper; David N. Ewert; Kimberly R. Hall; Sarah M. Rockwell; Dave Currie; Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.; Jennifer D. White; Peter P. Marra.

Title: Response to Hurricanes of Pinus caribaea var hondurensis Plantations in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo; Carlos Rodriguez; Ian Fermont; Ivan Vicens.

Title: Responses of Soil Labile Organic Carbon to a Simulated Hurricane Disturbance in a Tropical Wet Forest

Author(s): Xianbin Liu; Xiucheng Zeng; Xiaoming Zou; Deborah Lodge; Sarah Stankavich; Grizelle González; Sharon Cantrell.

Title: Responses of Two Litter-Based Invertebrate Communities to Changes in Canopy Cover in a Forest Subject to Hurricanes

Author(s): Barbara Richardson; Michael Richardson; Grizelle González.

Title: Short-Term Impacts of the Air Temperature on Greening and Senescence in Alaskan Arctic Plant Tundra Habitats

Author(s): Jeremy May; Nathan Healey; Hella Ahrends; Robert Hollister; Craig Tweedie; Jeffrey Welker; William Gould; Steven Oberbauer.

Title: Stoichiometry of decomposing Spathodea campanulata leaves in novel puertorrican forests

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo; Oscar L. Abelleira Martínez.

Title: Summary for policymakers of the regional assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for the Americas of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Author(s): Jake Rice; Cristiana Simão Seixas; María Elena Zaccagnini; Mauricio BedoyaGaitán; Natalia Valderrama; Christopher B. Anderson; Mary T. K. Arroyo; Mercedes Bustamante; Jeannine Cavender-Bares; Antonio Diaz-de-Leon; Siobhan Fennessy; Jaime Ricardo García Márquez; Keisha Garcia; Eileen H. Helmer; Bernal Herrera; Brian Klatt; Jean P. Ometo; Vanesa Rodríguez Osuna; Fabio R. Scarano; Steven Schill; Juliana Sampaio Farinaci.

Title: Temperate and Tropical Forest Canopies are Already Functioning beyond Their Thermal Thresholds for Photosynthesis

Author(s): Alida C. Mau; Sasha C. Reed; Tana E. Wood; Molly A. Cavaleri.

Title: The interaction of land-use legacies and hurricane disturbance in subtropical wet forest: twenty-one years of change

Author(s): James Aaron Hogan; Jess K. Zimmerman; Jill Thompson; Christopher J. Nytch; María Uriarte.

Title: The scientific legacy of Juan A. Torres-Negrón

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo.

Title: The role of wild and scenic rivers in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity

Author(s): John D. Rothlisberger; Tamara Heartsill Scalley; Russell F. Thurow

Title: Tropical herbivorous phasmids, but not litter snails, alter decomposition rates by modifying litter bacteria

Author(s): Chelse M Prather; Gary E Belovsky; Sharon A. Cantrell; Grizelle González.

Title: Vegetation cover in relation to socioeconomic factors in a tropical city assessed from sub-meter resolution imagery

Author(s): Sebastián Martinuzzi; Olga M. Ramos-González; Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson; Dexter H. Locke; Ariel E. Lugo; Volker C. Radeloff.

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