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The Institute's publications for 2019. Currently, 22 publications are available.

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Title: A Comprehensive Inventory of Protected Areas and other Land Conservation Mechanisms in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Jessica Castro-Prieto; William Gould; Coralys Ortiz-Maldonado; Sandra Soto-Bayó; Ivan Llerandi-Román; Soledad Gaztambide-Arandes; Maya Quinones; Marcela Cañón; Kasey R Jacobs

Title: Acta Científica 31(1-3)

Author(s): Ariel E. Lugo

Title: An Improved Flexible Spatiotemporal DAta Fusion (IFSDAF) method for producing high spatiotemporal resolution normalized difference vegetation index time series

Author(s): Meng Liu; Wei Yang; Xiaolin Zhu; Jin Chen; Xuehong Chen; Linqing Yang; Eileen H. Helmer

Title: Broadening Our Understanding of Hurricanes and Forests on the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico: Where and What Should We Study Now?

Author(s): Tania López-Marrero; Tamara Heartsill-Scalley; Carlos F. Rivera-López; Isabel A. Escalera-García; Mariangelí Echevarría-Ramos

Title: Concluding Remarks: Moving Forward on Scientific Knowledge and Management Approaches to Tropical Forests in the Anthropocene Epoch

Author(s): Grizelle González; Ariel E. Lugo

Title: Critical Lines of Action for Vulnerability and Resilience Research and Practice: Lessons from the 2017 Hurricane Season

Author(s): Hallie Eakin; Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson; Maria Carmen. Lemos

Title: Eucalyptus grandis plantations: effects of management on soil carbon, nutrient contents and yields

Author(s): Diego Martín Sandoval López; Marcelo Fabián Arturi; Juan Francisco Goya; Carolina Alejandra Pérez; Jorge Luis. Frangi

Title: Forest Sector Research and Development Capacity

Author(s): Kathleen McGinley; Richard Guldin; Frederick W. Cubbage

Title: Introduction to the Special Issue on Tropical Forests: Management and Ecology in the Anthropocene

Author(s): Ariel Lugo; Grizelle González

Title: Inventario detallado de áreas protegidas y otros mecanismos de conservación en Puerto Rico

Author(s): Jessica Castro-Prieto; William Gould; Coralys Ortiz-Maldonado; Sandra Soto-Bayó; Ivan Llerandi-Román; Soledad Gaztambide-Arandes; Maya Quinones; Marcela Cañón; Kasey R Jacobs

Title: Landscape-Level Consequences of Rising Sea-Level on Coastal Wetlands: Saltwater Intrusion Drives Displacement and Mortality in the Twenty-First Century

Author(s): Mei Yu; Elsie Rivera-Ocasio; Tamara Heartsill-Scalley; Daniel Davila-Casanova; Neftalí Rios-López; Qiong Gao

Title: Late Holocene fire history and charcoal decay in subtropical dry forests of Puerto Rico

Author(s): Wei Huang; Xianbin Liu; Grizelle González; Xiaoming Zou

Title: Long-Term Impacts of Selective Logging on Amazon Forest Dynamics from Multi-Temporal Airborne LiDAR

Author(s): Ekena Rangel Pinagé; Michael Keller; Paul Duffy; Marcos Longo; Maiza dos-Santos; Douglas Morton

Title: Mourning dove nest on a Palmchat colony in urban Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Author(s): Susannah B. Lerman; David I King; Wayne Arendt; Paulina María M.; Luis R. Paulino

Title: Neotropical cloud forests and páramo to contract and dry from declines in cloud immersion and frost

Author(s): Eileen H. Helmer; E. A. Gerson; L. Scott Baggett; Benjamin J. Bird; Thomas S. Ruzycki; Shannon M. Voggesser

Title: Not the same old(‐growth) forests

Author(s): Marcos Longo; Michael Keller

Title: On the Shoulders of Giants: Continuing the Legacy of Large-Scale Ecosystem Manipulation Experiments in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Tana Wood; Grizelle González; Whendee Silver; Sasha Reed; Molly Cavaleri

Title: Overcoming barriers to knowledge integration for urban resilience: A knowledge systems analysis of two-flood prone communities in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Author(s): Molly M. Ramsey; Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson; Elvia Mélendez-Ackerman; Christopher J. Nytch; Benjamin L. Branoff; David Carrasquillo-Medrano

Title: Populations are not declining and food webs are not collapsing at the Luquillo Experimental Forest

Author(s): M. R. Willig; L. Woolbright; S. J. Presley; T. D. Schowalter; R. B. Waide; T. Tamara Heartsill Scalley; J. K. Zimmerman; Grizelle González; Ariel E. Lugo

Title: Responses of Two Litter-Based Invertebrate Communities to Changes in Canopy Cover in a Forest Subject to Hurricanes

Author(s): Barbara Richardson; Michael Richardson; Grizelle González

Title: Revising the wintering distribution and habitat use of the Kirtland’s warbler using playback surveys, citizen scientists, and geolocators

Author(s): NW Cooper; DN Ewert; Joseph M. Wunderle; Eileen H. Helmer; PP Marra

Title: Tropical Deforestation and Recolonization by Exotic and Native Trees: Spatial Patterns of Tropical Forest Biomass, Functional Groups, and Species Counts and Links to Stand Age, Geoclimate, and Sustainability Goalss

Author(s): Eileen H. Helmer; Thomas Ruzycki; Barry Wilson; Kirk Sherrill; Michael Lefsky; Humfredo Marcano-Vega; Thomas Brandeis; Heather Erickson; Bonnie Ruefenacht

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