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The Institute's publications for 2020. Currently, 18 publications are available.

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Title: A dataset for the effect of earthworm abundance and functional group diversity on plant litter decay and soil organic carbon level

Author(s): Wei Huang; Grizelle González; Xiaoming Zou

Title: A Distribution Model for the Green Iguana, Iguana iguana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Reptilia: Iguanidae), in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Gómez; Rafael L. Joglar; Mariano Solórzano; William A. Gould

Title: A historical and comparative review of 50 years of root data collection in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Daniela Yaffar; Richard J. Norby

Title: Altered climate leads to positive density‚Äźdependent feedbacks in a tropical wet forest

Author(s): Bachelot, Benedicte; Alonso-Rodríguez, Aura M.; Aldrich-Wolfe, Laura; Cavaleri, Molly A.; Reed, Sasha C.; Wood, Tana E.

Title: An All Lands Approach

Author(s): William A. Gould; Maya Quiñones

Title: African dust deposition in Puerto Rico: Analysis of a 20-year rainfall chemistry record and comparison with models

Author(s): M.A. McClintock; W.H. McDowell; Grizelle González; Michael Schulz; J.C. Pett-Ridge

Title: Avian Community Density and Distribution Patterns among Nicaraguan Conventional and Organic Shade-Coffee Plantations

Author(s): Wayne J. Arendt; R. Cary Tuckfield; Juan Carlos Martínez-Sánchez; Jennifer L. Reidy; Frank R. Thompson; Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.; José Manuel Zolotoff

Title: Cuba, Puerto Rico, and climate change: shared challenges in agriculture, forestry, and opportunities for collaboration

Author(s): Stephen J. Fain; Kathleen McGinley; William A. Gould; Isabel K. Parés; Grizelle González

Title: Earthworm abundance and functional group diversity regulate plant litter decay and soil organic carbon level: A global meta-analysis

Author(s): Wei Huang; Grizelle González; Xiaoming Zou

Title: Examining the Sustainability of Tropical Island Forests: Advances and Challenges in Measurement, Monitoring, and Reporting in the U.S. Caribbean and Pacific

Author(s): Kathleen A. McGinley; Guy C. Robertson; Kathleen S. Friday

Title: Holdridge Life Zone Map: Republic of Argentina

Author(s): María R. Derguy; Jorge L. Frangi; Andrea A. Drozd; Marcelo F. Arturi; Sebastián Martinuzzi

Title: New species of Furculanurida (Collembola, Neanuridae, Pseudachorutinae) from the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico.

Author(s): Claudia M. Ospina-Sánchez; José G. Palacios-Vargas; Grizelle González

Title: Redesigning knowledge systems for urban resilience

Author(s): Mathieu Feagan; Marissa Matsler; Sara Meerow; Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson; Robert Hobbins; Changdeok Gim, Changdeok; Clark A. Miller

Title: Response of early-successional Bahamian dry forest habitat to goat grazing and implications for Kirtland’s warbler (Setophaga kirtlandii) wintering ground management

Author(s): Genie M. Fleming; David N. Ewert; Joseph M. Wunderle

Title: Significant Diel Variation of Soil Respiration Suggests Aboveground and Belowground Controls in a Tropical Moist Forest in Puerto Rico

Author(s): Gutiérrez del Arroyo, Omar; Wood, Tana E.

Title: Synthesis of Climate Change Related Knowledge and Information in the United States Virgin Islands: An Institutional Analysis

Author(s): Kasey R. Jacobs; Stephen J. Fain; Steve Henry; Wayne Archibald; William A. Gould

Title: Sound Circles/Inmersion

Author(s): Tamara Heartsill Scalley; Gerónimo Mercado

Title: The Brain and the Body

Author(s): Grizelle González

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