State and Private Forestry Programs

Key issues identified by State and Private Forestry in the Caribbean include: Rapid urbanization and residential development, and its sprawl into natural areas; Ecological restoration of natural and built-up areas; Water quality (including storm water runoff and natural area restoration); Soil protection and watershed management; Sustainable urban forestry programs at the local level; Damage of reefs and overfishing of key species; Sustainable tourism development in small communities.

State and Private Forestry programs work in partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, the Puerto Rico Fire Department, the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Virgin Islands Fire Service, and various other state, local, and non-profit organizations and universities throughout the Caribbean.

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For more information about the State and Private Forestry Programs please contact Magaly Figueroa

Page last modified: 05/17/2018