Forest Products & Christmas Tree Permits

Forest Products are forest resources used for personal, commercial, or scientific purposes, like Christmas trees, wildflowers, cones, tree boughs, nuts and berries, ornamental cuttings, moss, or rocks.

A permit is not needed for collecting small amounts of forest products for personal or family use. Products collected cannot be sold. Collecting must be done in a responsible manner and the material being collected must be abundant. For nuts, berries, or plant materials up to one gallon bag would be considered a small amount; for rocks or mineral collection a 5 gallon bucket would be considered a small amount.

Personal Use Examples:

  • Pressing wildflowers or collecting wildflower seeds
  • Nuts, berries, pine cones, moss, or other plant materials
  • Rock or mineral samples

Collecting larger amounts of forest products for personal use, like landscaping would require a special use permit. Collecting any amount of product for resale requires a special use permit. Additional information is found on the Special Use Permit page.


Christmas Tree Permits

Inyo National Forest does not currently allow Christmas Tree harvesting. However, the forest has traditionally sold permits for the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and the Bishop BLM Field Office at our visitor centers. These permits are now available online, with opening date to be determined, pending delivery of tags.

$10/tree – cash or check preferred
Tree Types: Pinyon Pine, Juniper, and Limited White Fir

BLM Bridgeport 760-873-2500
$5/tree – cash or check only
Tree Types: Pinyon Pines and Junipers only

BLM Battle Mountain District/Tonopah Field Office 775-482-7800
$4/tree – cash or check only
Tree Types: Pinyon Pine and Junipers
Cord wood also available at $5 cord