Hunting Safety Tips for Non-Hunters

Identify hunting season and lands open to hunting. Choose an alternative place if you dont feel comfortable recreating where hunting is allowed.

Follow these common sense tips:

  • Wear bright clothing (like hunter blaze orange). Make yourself visible with bright colors that stand out.
  • Don't forget your dog. Keep on leash and tie a brightly-colored fabric or a bandana around your dog's neck.
  • Make yourself known. Whistle or carry on a conversation as you walk to alert hunters to your presence. If you do hear shooting let hunters know you are in the vicinity.
  • Be courteous. Our forest lands allow many different types of recreation. Once a hunter is aware of your presence, don't make unnecessary noise that disturbs wildlife. Hunter harassment is illegal.

If you think you've witnessed a fish or wildlife violation report it to CalTIP's toll free number, 1 888 334-CALTIP (888 334-2258), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Table of Hunting Season Dates

Map of Hunting Zones