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Inyo National Forest Land Management Plan

We are revising the Inyo National Forest’s 1988 land management plan (forest pan) because economic, social, and ecological conditions have changed and new scientific information is available. The Inyo began revising its forest plan in 2012 as part of a multi-forest planning effort. In 2016, we released a draft forest plan and draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for public comment and review. Based on public comment and our analysis, we revised the draft plan and completed a final EIS, which we released in August of 2018 for an objection period.

We received 22 objections during the objection period. The Reviewing Officer reviewed the objections, met with objectors in a resolution meeting in February of 2019, and issued an instruction letter to the Forest Supervisor, in May of 2019.


The Inyo National Forest has completed the Reviewing Officer instructions, and has updated the final EIS. We published a Notice of Availability for the final EIS in the Federal Register on September 20th. The Notice of Availability applies only to the final EIS. The Record of Decision (ROD) for the land management plan is not yet finalized, and cannot be signed until 30 days after publication of the Notice of Availability. That Record of Decision will be what approves the 2019 Inyo National Forest land management plan. At this time, you can review the final EIS and the 2019 land management plan (and supporting documents). However, note that the land management plan is not approved until the Record of Decision is signed and a Notice of Plan Approval is published in the Federal Register.


There will be a public meeting to discuss the final EIS and the objection responses, and changes made between the August 2018 land management plan and the final 2019 land management plan. The meeting will take place at Cerro Coso Community College on October 2, 2019, from 5:00-6:30 pm.

Final Documents-2019

All documents are in PDF format. The size of the documents can be very large and may take some time to download. 

Final Record of Decision

The Final Record of Decision is not yet available. It cannot be signed until at least 30 days after the Notice of Availability for the Final Environmental Impact Statement is published in the Federal Register. The Final Record of Decision will be posted here as soon as the Notice of Availability is published in the Federal Register.

2019 Land Management Plan

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Objections and the Objection Process

Supporting Information

Species of Conservation Concern

Other Documentation


Documents released for the Objection Period-August 2018

Draft Record of Decision

Revised Forest Plan

Final Environmental Impact Statement

Supporting Information

Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Forest Plan-Released May 2016

Where We Have Come From: Supporting documents from the planning process

If you are interested in reviewing the documents that were used in the development of the draft plan, please visit Region 5 Planning Page.

However, please note that these documents have been revised based upon public comment and are incorporated in the final plan.