Cleanup Efforts Underway in Mammoth Lakes Basin

Contact(s): Nancy Upham

In response to the November 30 wind event and resulting damage in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, the U.S. Forest Service is working cooperatively with the Mammoth Lakes Pack Station, Southern California Edison, the Mammoth Community Water District, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and owners of recreation residence cabins to remove downed trees, address hazards and restore utility services.

Final damage totals continue to be tallied as crews are able to clear and enter hazardous areas. To date, it is calculated that over six hundred trees were downed or affected by the storm, possibly many more. All cabin owners and permit holders affected by fallen trees have been notified.

Clean-up efforts are now focused on removing downed and hazardous trees affecting utilities and in developed recreation areas that are used in the winter and early spring. As weather allows, additional cleanup efforts will commence in developed recreation sites used during summer months, such as campgrounds and trailheads.

The public is advised against visiting the Mammoth Lakes Basin while cleanup efforts are in progress. Areas posted closed with caution or warning tape, or with signs, are temporarily closed to the public and are illegal to enter. Throughout the Lakes Basin, there are downed trees, partially downed trees, downed power lines, and other hazards that could jeopardize the health and safety of visitors.

Outside of the groomed trail network that is maintained by Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center, hazardous trees will be present throughout the winter and early summer. Traveling off the groomed network is not recommended – this includes the newly constructed Lakes Basin Path. Visitors traveling off of groomed routes are encouraged to use extreme caution when traveling through the forest.

The Forest Service will issue a follow-up press release when primary hazards have been removed and clean-up efforts are suspended.

For additional information, please contact the Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center at 760-924-5500.