Wind Storm of November 2011

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A wind storm that blew through California on November 30 caused widespread damage to several areas of the Inyo National Forest and adjacent public lands. From Mount Whitney to Tioga Pass, thousands of trees were affected by the storm. 

Even with the monumental work accomplished in 2012, more work will be needed in 2013. With each winter storm, wind-weakened trees are being blown down on trails, which will necessitate additional clearing next year. More durable repair of trails will be needed where trail treads have been damaged. Work to restore campgrounds and other facilities will continue in the spring. 

Inyo National Forest will continue to seek the support of partners and volunteers for funding and work projects in 2013.

Thanks for the hard work of all the following groups:
American Conservation Experience
Backcountry Horsemen of California
Friends of the Inyo
Pacific Crest Trail Association
Student Conservation Association
USDA Forest Service, Redding Smoke Jumpers
USDA Forest Service, Porterville 1039 Fire Crew
USDA Forest Service, Inyo NF Fire Crews 2 & 3 and Engines 22 & 23
USDA Forest Service, Inyo NF Trail Crew Leaders
USDA Forest Service, Inyo NF Packers

Teamwork !

Send us an email if you would like to comment on clean up efforts in Reds Meadow Valley, use the form at the bottom of the page, Contact Us.

If you have questions regarding storm damage, cleanup efforts, or the potential hazards that exist throughout the Forest, please contact one of the Inyo National Forest visitor centers or ranger stations. The Forest Service will continue to provide updates through press releases, in our Alert box (in the right-hand column of all web pages on the site) and in this area.

Work Acomplished in 2012 
During the summer of 2012, over 175 personnel, including both Forest Service employees and volunteers, cleared 290 trail miles of 4700 down trees. This monumental effort included both chainsaw and crosscut saw work to clear the Pacific Crest, John Muir and other trails in time for thru-hiker and forest visitor use during summer 2012.

Trail clearing helped prevent damage from user-created routes around blowdown and helped support the tourist-based economy of Mammoth Lakes. Crew labor amounted to over 29,600 person-hours at a value of $617,160. Sixty percent of this work was accomplished through generous contributions from partner organizations and volunteers. The full description of work done by each group includes before and after photos, is found in this final report for work acomplished in 2012.  

Press Releases


9/5/12...Work to Begin for Reds Meadow Valley Wind-Fallen Tree Removal Project

6/26/12...“Tree Removal” Ceremony to be Held for Reds Meadow Road Opener ~~Friday June 29 at 9:00 a.m.~~

6/26/12...Reds Meadow Valley Road To Open On Friday June 29

6/15/2012...US Forest Service Anticipates Pre-Holiday Opening Of The Reds Meadow Road

5/31/2012...Wind Event Blowdown Clean-up Continues in Reds Meadow V

4/21/2012... Reds Meadow Road to Remain Closed During Cleanup (no vehicles beyond Mammoth Ski Lodge)

2/17/12...Comments Sought for Reds Meadow Valley Wind-Fallen Tree Removal Project

2/9/12...An Update on Reds Meadow Wind Storm Damage


12/16/11...November 30th Wind Storm Damage - Updates from the Inyo National Forest --Visitors Urged to Use Caution

12/10/11...Cleanup Efforts Underway in Mammoth Lakes Basin

12/1/11.....300-400 Trees Blown Down in Mammoth Lakes Basin -Visitors Asked to Use Caution

Photo Galleries

Photos of Reds Meadow - February 2012
Photos of Trails - May 2012
Photos of Reds Meadow Valley, Reds Meadow Campground, Soda Springs Campground and Agnew Meadow Campground - June 2012


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Reds Meadow Blowdown

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Photos of Trail Work - June 2012- 6MB

NOAA presentation on Devils Windstorm

Maps of Trails Impacted by the Blow Down
updated August 17, 2012

Reds Meadow Valley Maps             Other Areas
Map 1             Agnew Meadows      Rush Creek/ June Lake
Map 2             Devils Postpile
Map 3             Duck Pass/ Mammoth Lakes