Springs fire update 08/04/2019

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Springs fire update 08/04/2019

Current Situation: The Inyo National Forest Type 3 Incident Management Organization is managing the Springs Fire. Crews made good progress yesterday in control line construction on the eastern flank of the fire, limiting fire spread into Pilot Dry Creek. Most of yesterday’s 20 acres of fire growth was a result of tactical burning operations firefighters used to remove vegetation between indirect fire lines and the main fire. This provides more depth to the control line to secure an established anchor point. Fire managers and crews on the fireline anticipate a growth of 25-30 acres today. A Type 1 KMAX helicopter is now assigned to the Springs fire on a call when needed basis. The Springs fire Communications Unit plays a vital role in all functions working on the fire. The unit currently consists of 5 personnel; a Communications Unit Leader, Communications Technician, Incident Communications Manager and Radio Operators. They are staffed to monitor all radio traffic on the incident 24 hours a day. On Monday, July 29, the communications unit had already set up 2 mobile command repeaters, providing coverage for the entire fire area. This gives the communication unit the ability to log all radio traffic on the incident, pass messages from the fireline to incident command staff, and allow all firefighters on the incident to communicate with each other for critical fire operations. They program radios for incident personnel, develop the communication plan with correct frequencies for radio traffic, and repair incident radios when needed. Soft Closure Order: A soft closure order is in effect for some roads leading into the Springs fire to provide for public and firefighter safety. Forest Roads 1S17 from HWY 120 East to the Junction of 1S04. Forest Road 1S04 is closed from Forest Road 1S17 junction to Forest Road 1S02. Forest Road 1S12 is closed from the 1S17 junction to 1S02. The Springs Fire Incident Commander asks that all motorists observe and obey all posted signs and barricades to ensure for the safety of all public and firefighters. For the latest information try these sources:
Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6477/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/inyonf
Twitter: @Inyo_NF