Sandpoint Ranger District

A photo of Whiskey Rock Bay on Lake Pend Oreille from the Whiskey Rock Bay Campground.
Whiskey Rock Bay on Lake Pend Oreille is the location of one of many scenic campgrounds on the Sandpoint Ranger District.

The Village of Sandpoint was incorporated on February 7, 1901.

On January 15, 1907 the Village of Sandpoint became the City of Sandpoint. The April, 1907 election moved the City onto a mayor/council form of government - the same form of government we have today.

Bonner County was originally part of Kootenai County, but separated from this larger unit on March 18, 1907. Eight years later, on January 23, 1915, the county was reduced to its present size when the northern half separated to form Boundary County. Sandpoint has been the county seat of Bonner County since 1907.

The Kalispel, Kutenai and other native peoples were the first inhabitants of this area. They lived along the waterways and utilized the area's abundant natural resources for survival.

Sandpoint is famous for having recreational activities for every season. Some of our Forest opportunities range from, camping, fishing, hunting, berry picking, trail hikes, nature walks, horseback riding, bike riding, ATV/OHV trails, skiing. More information about the city of Sandpoint and Bonner County is available at and

Visually the Sandpoint area is hard to beat. Framed by the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains, Sandpoint is located on the north shore of Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho's largest lake. Travelers driving Highway 95 across the Long Bridge into Sandpoint have often reported a feeling of "coming home."

Lake Pend Oreille:

  • Summer lake level - 2065 feet

  • Winter lake level - 2051 feet

Elevation of Sandpoint:

  • Town - 2194 feet

  • Lake - 2064 feet