Kaniksu Over-snow Vehicle Travel Planning

The Idaho Panhandle National Forest (IPNF) is considering this preliminary information for designating a system of routes and areas for over-snow vehicle use on the Kaniksu portion of the IPNF. Information provided here should be considered preliminary and is subject to change as the IPNF works through information gathering, planning, and analysis of environmental consequences for OSV travel on the Kaniksu portion of the IPNF.

Snowmobilers rest at a warming hut on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests
Snowy peaks on the Idaho Panhandle National Forest
Snowmobiles parked near a snow-covered outhouse
Snowmobiles parked in a snowmobile parking lot, with a snowmobile trailer in the background


The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is in the early stages of developing a proposal for over-snow motor vehicle use in the Kaniksu OSV Project Area. Visit the Kaniksu Over-snow Vehicle Travel Plan NEPA Project Page for project documents and more specific information on the status of this developing project.

The Kaniksu OSV Project Area, consisting of the three northern ranger districts of the IPNF, offers some of the most sought after over-snow vehicle recreational opportunities in Idaho.  The area is also important to several animals listed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as Threatened and Endangered Species.  Of particular interest, portions of the Selkirk Mountains have served as habitat for woodland caribou, and many parts of the Kaniksu provide habitat for grizzly bears.

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