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Several campsites to temporarily close on Kalispell Island to protect bald eagle site

Nordman, Idaho (July 3, 2018) – The Idaho Panhandle National Forests (IPNF) is closing campsites #30 - 34 of the Three Pines Campground located on Kalispell Island within the Priest Lake Ranger District to protect an active bald eagle nest located within the site. The nest was recently discovered during a bald eagle survey.  This is the first year an active nest site has been confirmed since 2014. 

As required by the IPNF’s Land Management Plan and the National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines, the IPNF is seasonally restricting camping activities near the nest.  During the breeding season, bald eagles are sensitive to a variety of human activities.  If agitated by human activities, eagles may expend energy defending the nest rather than tending to their young, or may abandon the nest altogether. Activities that cause prolonged absences of adults from their nests can jeopardize young as unattended nestlings are subject to predation. Young nestlings are particularly vulnerable because they rely on their parents to provide warmth or shade, without which they may die as a result of hypothermia or heat stress. If food delivery schedules are interrupted, the young may not develop healthy plumage, which can affect their survival.

“We ask the public to please be understanding and patient with this closure, which is expected to remain in place through August 2018,” said District Ranger Felipe Cano.  On Kalispell Island, there are approximately 48 individual campsites not affected by the closure that are available on a first come first service basis, and a group site that can be reserved online at www.recreation.gov.   For additional information, please contact the Priest Lake Ranger District at (208) 443-2512.