Map Information

Tips for using the online maps

These maps show the location of recreation sites and areas on the familiar Google Map view, with its map, terrain, and satellite options. They were created by combining public Google Maps with Forest Service recreation areas from this website. To learn more about a recreation area, select the map marker. From there, you can follow the link in the pop-up window to go to the web page for the recreation area.

Please note that panning and zooming does not always show every recreation area at that location on the map. If the map you are viewing shows the whole National Forest/Grassland or some large section of it like a Ranger District or recreation zone, you may need to navigate to a "deeper" level before the individual recreation areas or sites appear.

  • For a full list of icons used as markers on the map, see below
  • A diamond shaped icon indicates a recreation area with nested recreation areas that show when the icon is 'double-clicked'
  • A '+' sign on an icon indicates that the recreation area is modified to support activities other than what is shown on the icon

Other ways to find recreation information on this website.

In addition to navigating to a place via the maps, you can also find recreation area information by:

  • Selecting a recreation activity from the list of activities under Recreation in the left hand navigation
  • Using the right hand “Areas & Activities” box to find an area
  • Searching for sites by name using the upper left search box

About these Maps ~ Stay Safe

  • These maps are provided for trip planning and orientation purposes only. They are not intended for navigation. Please be sure to obtain a good quality, detailed topographic map before heading out into the forest/grassland, particularly in the backcountry and Wilderness areas.
  • Make local inquiries about road and trail conditions in remote areas. Some roads are impassable following severe weather.
  • Accuracy of the road and terrain information from Google Maps has not been verified.
  • Always seek private landowners’ permission before using or crossing their lands.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data and product accuracy may vary. They may be: developed from sources of different accuracy, accurate only at certain scales, based on modeling or interpretation, incomplete while being created or revised, etc. Using GIS products for purposes other than those for which they were created may yield inaccurate or misleading results. The Forest Service reserves the right to add, correct, update, modify, or replace GIS products without notification.

Recreation Map Legend

Map legend displaying the different icons for roads, trails, and boundaries

Recreation Area Map Markers

Marker Type Marker Marker +
Forest Service Shield
Intermediate Parent Group
Beaches & Dunes: Beachcombing
Beaches & Dunes: Dog sledding
Beaches & Dunes: Sand Play
Beaches & Dunes: Tidepooling
Bicycling: Mountain Biking
Bicycling: Road Cycling
Camping & Cabins: Cabin Rentals
Camping & Cabins: Campground Camping
Camping & Cabins: Dispersed Camping
Camping & Cabins: Group Camping
Camping & Cabins: RV Camping
Climbing: Mountain Climbing
Climbing: Rock Climbing
Fishing: Estuary Fishing
Fishing: Ice Fishing
Fishing: Lake and Pond Fishing
Fishing: River and Stream Fishing
Hiking: Backpacking
Hiking: Day Hiking
Horse Riding & Camping: Horse Camping
Horse Riding & Camping: Horse Riding
Hunting: Big Game Hunting
Hunting: Small Game Hunting
Hunting: Game Birds/Waterfowl
Nature Viewing: Birdwatching
Nature Viewing: Viewing Plants
Nature Viewing: Viewing Scenery
Nature Viewing: Viewing Wildlife
OHV Riding & Camping: OHV Camping
OHV Riding & Camping: OHV Open Area Riding
OHV Riding & Camping: OHV Road Riding
OHV Riding & Camping: OHV Trail Riding
Other Activities: Caving
Other Activities: Hang Gliding
Other Activities: Target Shooting
Outdoor Learning: Interpretive Areas
Outdoor Learning: Visitor Centers
Outdoor Learning: Visitor Programs
Picnicking: Group Picnicking
Picnicking: Picnicking
Rocks & Minerals: Gold Panning
Rocks & Minerals: Rockhounding
Scenic Driving: Scenic Driving
Water Activities: Boating - Motorized
Water Activities: Boating - Non-Motorized
Water Activities: Scuba Diving
Water Activities: Swimming
Water Activities: Windsurfing
Winter Sports: Mushing/Skijoring
Winter Sports: Skiing/Snowboarding
Winter Sports: Sledding/Tubing
Winter Sports: Snowmobiling
Winter Sports: XC skiing/Snowshoeing