Pulaski Tunnel Trail

Tunnel AditThe Pulaski Tunnel Trail follows a cascading creek into a cool, green forest, belying the devastation and horror that occurred here in 1910. That summer, drought, sparks from trains, and lightning touched off wildfires in the West that ultimately scorched three million acres of forest. Smoke darkened skies as far away as Boston. Ranger Ed Pulaski is credited with saving the lives of all but six of his 45-man crew when he herded them into an abandoned mine tunnel and threatened to shoot anyone who attempted to leave.  

 Photo of interpretive panel at Pulaski Tunnel Trailhead  photo of West Placer Creek  Image of Pulaski Tunnel Trail

Today, both the trail and the mine are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Within the firefighting community, Pulaski is also remembered for refining the two-bladed tool that bears his name.

Comments from the trailhead guest register:

  • "A pilgrimage - Truly history from the ashes."
  •   My grandpa was in the tunnel - Thankx."
  •  "Had to pay respects to Ed and his crew. They fought a good fire fight."



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