Pulaski Tunnel Trail - Educational Resources for Teachers

The materials on this page provide further information and activities for educators, researchers, and anyone seeking to expand their Pulaski Tunnel Trail experience and knowledge.

Background Resource Materials

The Great Fire of 1910 (pdf - 9 pages/144 KB)
  1. The Great Fire
  2. Synopsis
  3. Blowup - Description by Tim Egan
  4. Map
Edward Pulaski and the Tool (pdf - 7 pages/186 KB)
  1. Ed Pulaski: A Short Biography
  2. What Makes Pulaski a Hero?
  3. Pulaski: The Firefighting Tool


Planning Materials

4th Grade Idaho History Resource Curriculum Guide (pdf - 3 pages/318 KB)
Curriculum (pdf - 15 pages/509 KB)

A. Lesson Plans

1. Week Lessons

2. Surrounded by Forest Fire by Ranger Edward Pulaski

3. Pulaski Story Vocabulary (blank)

4. Pulaski Story Vocabulary (answers)

5. Vocabulary Matching

6. Sentence Types

7. Fact or Opinion

8. Letter to Pulaski

B. Activities

1. Trail Steps Activity

2. Mammals Activity

3. Mammals List

Interpretive Signs Study Guide (pdf - 6 pages)
Interpretive Signs Study Guide Answers (pdf - 9 pages)


PowerPoints (ppt)

  1. 1910 Fire and Pulaski (ppt/38 MB)
  2. Script to the 1910 Fire and Pulaski Powerpoint (pdf - 16 pages/186 KB)
  3. Overview of Pulaski Tunnel Hiking Trail (ppt/6.8 MB)