Restricted Access and Areas in the Southwestern Region


The purpose of these orders, which reflect federal and state guidance to limit the spread of COVID-19, is to protect public health and safety.

Group Size Limit - Order Number 03-00-00-20-001

  • Entering the Restricted Areas with a “group” in excess of the number specified in any public health order is prohibited
  • The term “group” refers to “any collection, assemblage, cluster, or aggregation of persons.”

Restricted Areas

  • New Mexico
    • Carson National Forest
    • Cibola National Forest
    • Gila National Forest
    • Lincoln Natinal Forest
    • Santa Fe National Forest
    • Kiowa National Grassland
  • Arizona
    • Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests
    • Coconino National Forest
    • Coronado National Forest
    • Kaibab National Forest
    • Prescott National Forest
    • Tonto National Forest
  • Oklahoma / Texas
    • Black Kettle & McClellan National Grasslands
    • Rita Blanca National Grasslands

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Developed Recreation Sites Closure - Order Number 03-00-00-20-002

 Entering or using a developed recreation site or portion thereof  is prohibited

"Developed recreation site" means an area which has been improved or developed for recreation, as defined in 36 C.F.R. § 261.2.

Restricted Areas

Please see Full Order 03-00-00-20-002

Southwestern Region and Forest Orders Map

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