Range Management

The Forest Service concentrates it efforts on managing the vegetation resources across the range landscape to serve a multitude of resource needs. Rangeland management specialists work to provide such things as habitat for a variety of plant and animal species, clean water, and sustainable grazing and browsing. 


Annual Operating Instructions

  Allotment Name

Anita/Cameron 3-30-17 


Bellemont 4-25-17


Big Springs, Cowboy Tank, Squaw Mountain & Twin Tank 6-14-17


Chalender 4-25-17


Corva/Double A   11-15-17 


Davenport Lake, Homestead and Sitgreaves  5-8-17


Dog Knobs and Elk Springs  4-10-17


Ebert   12-15-17


Garland Prairie and Pomeroy 4-25-17


Government Mountain & Government Prairie 6-9-17


Hat  5-1-17


Irishman Dam 3-2-18


Juan Tank   2-22-17


Moqui 4-25-17


Partridge Creek   12-15-17


Pine Creek 6-9-17


Seven C Bar 5-1-17


Smoot Lake/Moritz Lake   3-2-18


Spitz Hill 6-9-17


Tule   2-22-17