Final Forest Plan and FEIS

The revised Land Management Plan guides the Kaibab National Forest in fulfilling its stewardship responsibilities to best meet the needs of the American people, now and for future generations. It provides direction in the form of desired conditions, objectives, standards, guidelines, and suitability; incorporates the best available science; and provides a framework for adaptive management.

Monitoring Transition

The Kaibab National Forest recently revised its Land Management Plan (February 2014) under the terms of the 1982 Planning Rule.  The current (2012) Planning Rule requires all forest plans must meet specific elements of the new Rule related to Forest Plan monitoring. The proposed changes were specified in the document below titled "Proposed Administrative Changes to the Land and Resources Management Plan for the Kaibab National Forest Monitoring Plan" along with a companion document, "Monitoring Plan Transition to the 2012 Planning Rule." These documents described the proposed changes and the Rule requirements in further detail, and were sent out for a 30-day public review on May 9, 2016. 


Background Documents

Tool used in best available science approach to forest planning.

Best Use of Science

The Kaibab blooms to life.