Motor Vehicle Use Maps & Motorized Travel Aids

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The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) shows where it is legal to drive a motor vehicle on Kaibab National Forest. Having an MVUM is as necessary for motorized travel as having game proclamations when going hunting.

Although other travel aids or more detailed maps may be used in conjunction with the MVUM, it is the MVUM itself which is the reference document for where it is legal to drive a motor vehicle.

The MVUM is republished every year, so please be sure that you are using the most current version when driving on the National Forest.

If you would like a free hard copy of these maps, they are available upon request at any of our forest offices or by calling the Kaibab National Forest Supervisor's Office (928) 635-8200.



Ways to download the KNF Motor Vehicle Use Maps for various devices:

Type of Device


Download Data

Any Electronic Device

View pdf documents
or download
to computer

Williams District  2.91 mb

Tusayan District  1.07 mb

North Kaibab District  3.66 mb 

GPS-Enabled Map Installation for Smartphone
or Tablet using
Avenza PDF Maps App


Laptop-Smartphones images

Garmin GPS
.exe files

Williams/Tusayan District 6.32 mb

North Kaibab District 3.5 mb

Quick Reference PDF Maps Using
Scannable QR Codes for Smartphones
and Tablets



Williams MVUM 2017 map-Green QR code image


Tusayan MVUM 2017 map-Green QR code

North Kaibab

North Kaibab MVUM Aug 2017 map-Green QR code icon


Travel Map:  A Helpful Companion to the MVUM 

The MVUM's large physical size could make it difficult to handle or refer to while traveling, and some motorists have found that the MVUM's small map scale and spare cartographic design make it difficult to locate themselves with confidence along the roads and trails and within the areas that it portrays.

In response to these concerns, the Kaibab National Forest is developing GPS-enabled travel maps for each of its three ranger districts (Williams, Tusayan and North Kaibab) for smartphones, tablets, and Garmin GPS devices. These maps are specifically designed to help motorists locate their position while traveling on the forest and using their devices. The road, trail and area designations depicted on these travel maps are identical to the road, trail and area designations depicted on the current versions of each ranger district's MVUM. However, these travel maps are not the official MVUM and should be used as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the MVUM.

Download the free digital travel map for your device below. Currently, the travel maps for the Williams Ranger District and the Tusayan Ranger District are the only ones available. The travel map for the North Kaibab Ranger District will be coming soon.

Williams Ranger District Travel Map - 13 mb

Tusayan Ranger District Travel Map - 8 mb

North Kaibab Ranger District Travel Map - 12 mb

A sample segment of the Travel Map, which has topographic relief and other features.


How-To Guides:  Using the Avenza Maps App

These simple-to-follow how-to guides show how to use the Avenza Maps App to download Kaibab National Forest MVUMs and Travel Maps. 

Avenza App Guide for Apple devices

Avenza App Guide for Android devices