Incident Objectives are being met on the Castle Fire

Contact(s): Castle Fire Information Center, (928) 643-8158 or (928) 643-8152

The Castle Fire's acreage continues to hold at 16,538 for the fourth day in a row. Precipitation and increased humidity continue to affect fire behavior causing a temporary stall in the fire's growth.  However warm, dry days are in the forecast and the fire is expected to regain momentum and continue its path through remaining unburned fuels in the area of Lookout Canyon.

Soon after the Castle Fire started on July 12th, fire managers pre-identified the 19,632-acre planning area where the lightning-caused wildfire would be allowed to fulfill its natural role within a fire-dependent ecosystem. The fire has burned through 84% of the planning area, burning through a significant amount of dead and down trees and some mixed conifer species. By allowing the wildfire to naturally burn through this area, the ecosystem will become healthier and more resilient.

Firefighting resources assigned to this incident fluctuate, based on the level of fire activity. The transitions continue to be fluid and right-sized daily to meet the overall objectives of the Castle Fire. The Incident Objectives are stated in the daily Incident Action Plan that outlines the overarching goals for the Castle Fire. Constantly adhering to these objectives will ensure that each and every person assigned to the incident will work towards achieving a safe and successful mission.

The Castle Fire Incident Objectives are:    

  • Utilize deliberate risk management process to ensure that incident responders are only committed where, and when they can be successful, with the least exposure necessary.
  • Allow fire to function as a natural disturbance process within the ecosystem to reduce accumulations of forest fuels that may exist in the area.
  • Limit fire intensity to prevent adverse impacts to cultural and natural resources.
  • Hold fire within the planning area.

A Closure Order remains in effect for the Castle Fire area:


  • Discovery Date: July 12, 2019.
  • Cause: Lightning.
  • Location (point of origin): Approximately 11 miles south of Jacob Lake, 3 miles west of Highway 67, and just east of Forest Road 761 near Oquer Canyon on the North Kaibab Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest.
  • Current Resources: One crew, four engines, a helicopter, a dozer, four masticators, two feller bunchers, one skidder, and miscellaneous fire management personnel. Total personnel: approximately 91.  
  • Current Size: About 16,538 acres and it has spread across about 84% of the 19,632-acre planning area.
  • Predicted Smoke Impacts: Smoke is expected to be visible from both the north and south rims of Grand Canyon National Park, Jacob Lake, Highway 67, Highway 89A, and Fredonia. 
  • Current Closures: Kaibab National Forest managers have implemented a temporary Closure Order for the Castle Fire area in order to provide for public and firefighter safety.  For specific information about the Closure Order, please visit:
  • Recent and Current Operations: Wildland fire crews plan to continue improving roads and other designated perimeters within which the fire can move. Current weather conditions may influence the use of firing operations which may be conducted as needed in order to strengthen control lines. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over the fire area. 

Kaibab National Forest information is available through the following sources:

Incident Objectives are being met on the Castle Fire - news release issued Aug. 10, 2019

Castle Fire map showing current fire perimter, planning area and closure - current as of Aug. 10, 2019