Personal Use Firewood

Personal Use Firewood

Many people rely on firewood for heating, cooking, and other critical needs, and the Kaibab NF is dedicated to providing plentiful opportunities for firewood collection across the forest. A permit is always required to harvest firewood on the National Forest.​

2023 personal-use firewood permits

Williams and Tusayan Ranger Districtis: 

  • Permits available starting April 14, 2023
  • Cut season April 15, 2023 through April 14, 2024 Person chopping wood with ax

North Kaibab Ranger District:

  • Permits available starting May 1, 2023
  • Cut season May 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023


Paid Permits are $20 for 10 cords of wood (limit 20 cords per year). A free permit is available for the Tusayan Ranger District and allows for gathering 10 cords of dead and/or down pinyon pine.


How to obtain your permit

You must have valid ID to purchase a permit. Acceptable forms of payment are check, credit card, money order, or cash with exact change. Paying by cash or check is generally faster than credit card. 

Permits are valid for collecting wood within the ranger district from which you obtained your permit.

For Williams District and Tusayan District permits:

  • Williams Ranger District Office, 742 S. Clover Road, Williams; 928-635-5600
  • Tusayan Ranger District Office, 176 Lincoln Log Loop, Tusayan; 928-638-2443

For North Kaibab District permits:

  • North Kaibab Ranger District Office, 430 S. Main St., Fredonia; 928-643-7395

Permit holders will receive the single-use load tags, maps, detailed cutting regulations, Land Stewardship Guide, and other helpful information.


Partners in Restoration and the Land Steward Guide

By removing dead/down wood and small-diameter trees, you’re helping to create a healthier forest and reduce the risk of unnaturally severe fire. Firewood cutters are our partners in restoration!

The Kaibab developed the Land Steward Guide to highlight the ecological impacts that collecting firewood can have on forest resources and describe best practices that will ensure the sustainability of these resources across the landscape and over time. We hope you will help us protect and improve conditions and resources on the Kaibab by taking this guide to heart and encouraging your family, friends, and fellow woodcutters to do the same. We will all win if we have a healthy forest to share.

2023 South Zone Land Steward Guide (Williams and Tusayan Ranger Districts)

2023 North Kaibab Land Steward Guide


Forest Products for Traditional and Cultural Purposes​

The Kaibab National Forest has a policy for providing free forest products to Native Americans for traditional and cultural purposes. The objective of this policy is to accommodate traditional use of the forest by Native Americans while ensuring that collection of forest products does not result in undesirable impacts to natural and cultural resources.