Commercial Fuelwood

In any given year, the Kaibab National Forest may offer commercial fuelwood cutting permits for specific areas. It is considered a commercial use when a permittee intends to sell the fuelwood that is collected.All commercial uses of forest products require a paid permit.

2019 Commercial Fuelwood Availability

The Kaibab National Forest will offer commercial fuelwood cutting permits for the 2019 season for the Williams Ranger District only. Commercial fuelwood cutting permits will not be available for the Tusayan or North Kaibab Ranger Districts this year.

Lottery System

There will be a limited number of commercial units available for the Williams Ranger District. Assignment of these units to the permittees will be determined through an incorporated lottery system. Ponderosa pine cut firewood pileThe lottery forms for the 2019 season are due no later than May 24. After that date, the Kaibab National Forest does not anticipate having additional commercial fuelwood cutting permits available until the 2020 season.‚Äč

Names will be drawn and selectees notifiedon May 29. At that point, a unit will be assigned to each selectee. Permits will then be available at the Williams Ranger District office on May 31.

Each permit will include a map of the assigned unit, detailed operations regulations, and load tags that will be sufficient for a total of 10 cords of harvested fuelwood. Prior to the purchase of a permit, there will be an informal pre-work meeting. The applicable Cutting Guide and Area Control Guide will be reviewed, along with an overview of the unit inspection protocol. The 2019 commercial cutting season is May 31 to Dec. 31.