KNF Forest Supervisor's Orders and Prohibitions

The following is a list of official orders/prohibitions issued by the Forest Supervisor for the Kisatchie National Forest. These orders describe the prohibitions, closures, and regulations for the Kisatchie National Forest and are subject to updates and changes. If maps are not attached to the orders, they may be obtained by contacting the Forest Supervisor's Office in Pineville. Questions regarding these orders or requests for copies should be directed to Captain Chris Crain at (936) 639-8501, or USDA Forest Service, 2500 Shreveport Highway, Pineville, Louisiana 71360-2009

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 36 CFR 261 Subpart A - General Prohibitions (7/2010 version)

Title 36 CFR 261 Subpart B - Prohibitions in Areas Designated by Order (7/2010 version)

Title 36 CFR 261 Subpart C - Prohibitions in Regions (7/2010 version)