Miscellaneous USDA Forest Service Documents


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USDA Forest Service Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2004-2008: (547 kb .pdf file) Chief's perspective, Strategic Plan of the USDA Forest Service, Mission and Goals Summary, Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Years 2004-2008, Management Initiatives, Resources Planning Act Assessment Findings, and References.

Four Threats - Fire and Fuels: (37 kb .pdf file) Fire and Fuels Buildup. What is the fire and fuels problem? What can we do about it? How effective is fuel reduction in reducing catastrophic fire? Fuel reduction treatments and costs. Working with communities. Not only a public lands problem. International context and References.

Four Threats - Invasive Species: (39 kb .pdf file) What is an Invasive Species? Trends and rising threats from Invasive Species. What is the role of the Forest Service? Law and policies governing Invasive Species. Invasive Species on National Forests. Invasive plants and Insect damage and disease. International Context and references.

Four Threats - Unmanaged Recreation: (34 kb .pdf file) Unmanaged Motorized Recreation. What is unmanaged motorized recreation? National trends in OHV (Off-Highway Vehicles) use. Biophysical effects - effects on soil erosion and vegetation and effects on wildlife. What is the role of the Forest Service. Law and policy governing OHV use. International context and references.

Four Threats - Loss of Open Space: (36 kb .pdf file) Loss and Fragmentation of Open Space. What is loss of open space. Trends and current status of land use conversion, Urbanizing landscapes, and conversion of private wood lots and range lands. what is the role of the Forest Service? Current policies of the Forest Service. International context and references.

Forest Health Protection: (252 kb .pdf file) Protecting and Improving the Health of America's Forests (brochure). To request hard copies of this brochure, please contact Elita Harrington.


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