Salmon/Scott River Ranger District

A little girls peers through the wood fence to see horses at Lovers Corral.The Salmon/Scott River Ranger District is home to wilderness areas, pristine mountain lakes and wild and scenic rivers just to name a few. The District office is located in Fort Jones, California, at an elevation of 2740 feet. The District is bisected by the Salmon River on the south and the Scott River on the north, covers approximately 585,000 acres, and has three wilderness areas, the Trinity-Alps, Russian and Marble Mountain, within its boundaries. The country is beautiful, mountainous and rural. 

Fort Jones is a community of about 700 people and is located 20 miles south of Yreka, California which has a population of approximately 7000. Nestled in the rugged mountains of Northern California near the Oregon border, both Fort Jones and the Scott Valley boast a frontier charm. Scott Valley is a small, rural area dependent on agriculture and forest products. It encompasses several small communities, the largest being Etna and Fort Jones. Visitors to the historic towns of Fort Jones and Etna experience the quiet rhythms of rural life and the friendly manner of country shop-keepers. Local folks are known for their plucky independence and entrepreneurial spirit. The valley has a warm sense of community.