Motorized Travel Management

Please provide your feedback on the Klamath National Forest Motorized Travel Management process here: https://cara.ecosystem-

The Klamath National Forest has completed Subpart B of the 2005 Travel Managemnt Rule with the release of the Motor Vehicle Use Maps, and is now conducting a Motorized Travel Management Analysis to complete requirments under Subpart A. Please provide your input on an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable road and motorized-trail system. No decision will result from the Subpart A planning process. The Travel Analysis Plan is meant to help inform and prioritize possible future projects concerning motorized travel on the Klamath National Forest. Any future projects, including possible road-closures, will afford the opportunity for public comment and appeal under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning process.

If you have additions or deletions you would like to see in the Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM), please share those ideas here as well, or call 530-841-4597. Use of the comment form and background information provided below will help inform possible changes to the MVUM.

This form can be used for your comments regarding the Motor Vehicle Use Maps and the Travel Analysis Planning process. Please submit comments by hard-copy in person or by mail, or email to

Additional Information

National Environmental Policies Act

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guides the planning and public comment process for all projects on the Klamath National Forest. This process was followed in the creation and implementation of the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) required under Subpart B of the 2005 Travel Management Rule.

Although this project is complete and no longer open for comment or appeal, announcements of projects currently being considered on the forest are available from the schedule of proposed actions (SOPA). This nation-wide publication provides basic information, including contact information, for all NEPA projects on the forest. SOPA is where people can review proposals and learn about opportunities for public comment or involvement. It is a quarterly publication found  at: The national SOPA publication is found on the Web at:

If groups or individuals do not have access to the internet, they can request to be put on the Klamath National Forest’s mailing list to receive a hard-copy publication each quarter (beginning of January, April, July, and September) of forest projects. Forest Service officials encourage using the Website to help save on printing and mailing costs.

Travel Analysis Planning is also required under the 2005 Travel Management Rule. This is Subpart A of the Rule, but is not guided by NEPA because it is not a project. The analysis is meant to designate a fiscally, socially, and environmentally sustainable road network to help guide future planning efforts. The comment form found in the list of links on the Klamath National Forest Webpage can be used to suggest possible changes to the NFTS and/or MVUM Such changes will considered by the Klamath National Forest and may be included in future NEPA projects.