Timber Management


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Small Business Reports:

SBA Five Year Recomputation:
 SBA Structural Change:
  • Pre Decisional Letter Structural Change Occurred January 31, 2017 (correct effective date for share % is April 1, 2020 not October 1, 2020; Market Area reference in second paragraph should be Klamath)
  • Decision Letter Structural Change Occurred March 17, 2017

 Periodic Timber Sale Announcement


Information on NEW System Award Management (SAM) processing payments


Preliminary Advertisements

  • None at this time


California Regional Water Quality Control Board (North Coast Region)


Intergrated Resource Service Contracts (FedBiz OPPS)

  • None at this time


Advertised Timber Sales

Division B(T) Provisions Applicable to all 2400-6(T) Contracts

Part B(T) Provisions Applicable to all 2400-13(T) Intergrated Resource Contracts

AD-3030-FS Corporate Certification for Representations Regarding Felony Conviction & Tax Delinquent Status for Corporate Applicants


Timber Sales Sold Current Fiscal Year 

Colt Thin MP (updated 1/23/19)

Pitchfork Fire Salv Re-Offer II (updated 1/23/19)

Copper Fire Salvage Re-Offer

Oak RSH Fire Salvage Re-Offer

Low Gap Fire Salvage


Timber Sales Sold Prior Fiscal Year


Lucky Penny Thin MP SBA

Sale was offered SBA and Open Market, the Open Market offering was cancelled.

PB Heli Timber Sale

Lovers Canyon Timber Sale

Barton Fire Salv Heli

Big Pony Thin MP SBA

Buckhorn Fire Salv Re-Offer

Seiad Fire Salvage Decks

Gulch Fire Salvage

O'Neil Fire Salvage

Maple Roadside Hazard Fire Salvage


Current No Bid Timber Sales (within one year and not sold)

  • None