Regulations for Wilderness Areas

The following federal and state laws and regulations apply to all persons on the Klamath National Forest and in the Wilderness:
• It is your responsibility to know and abide by all local fire and smoking restrictions and trail, road or area closures.
• A valid California Campfire Permit is required to use a camp stove, barbecue or have a campfire when allowed, in other than developed camping areas.
• Be sure your fire is completely extinguished with water before leaving it.
• Possessing or using motorized equipment of any type is illegal in wilderness areas.
• Hang gliders and bicycles are prohibited in wilderness areas.
• Protect water quality. Dispose of waste water in a suitable location away from the water source.
• Smoke only when there are no restrictions and only in cleared areas. Do not smoke while walking. Pack out all cigarette butts and filters.
• Pack out anything you pack in. It is illegal to bury or burn trash.
• It is illegal to cut or damage live trees or shrubs. Do not construct "improvements" (such as lean-tos or shelters).
• A valid California Fishing License is required for all persons 16 and older to fish in California.
• Hunting, taking or killing wildlife is illegal except during hunting season with a valid California Hunting License.
• It is illegal to dispose of human waste within 200 feet of any lake, stream, spring, campsite or trail.
• Damage, removal or alteration of any archeological or cultural site is illegal.
• Grazing of livestock is not permitted prior to July 1st. (Native vegetation is not ready before this date).
• Do not feed wildlife and practice safe food and garbage storage so that animals do not have access to your food.
• Fireworks are prohibited on National Forest lands.
• Limit party size to 25 people or less (10 in the Trinity Alps Wilderness).
• A wilderness permit is required for entry into several areas of the Trinity Alps Wilderness.
• Respect the solitude of others.
• Groups holding organized events may need a special use permit. Check with the Ranger District where you plan to hold the event. 


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