Ten Lakes Travel Management Planning

In 1977, Congress passed the Montana Wilderness Study Act designating the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area. The act requires the Forest Service to administer these acres to maintain their presently existing wilderness character and potential for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System, meaning the Forest Service must maintain the character that existed in 1977 when the Act was passed.

A 2007 lawsuit settlement agreement with the Montana Wilderness Association commits the Forest Service to develop summer and winter travel plans for the Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area. Travel management planning for the area was previously begun in conjunction with the Galton Vegetation Management Project. However, the Forest Supervisor decided it merits its own analysis process re-scoped the travel management proposed action on April 13, 2015.

This page provides information related to project development and the planning progress, including links to many historical record documents requested by the public.

Please contact District Ranger Bryan Donner at the Eureka Ranger Station, (406) 296-2536, for additional information.

August 2019 Update

Work on the Ten Lakes Travel Management Planning project has been paused to focus resources on ecosystem restoration and forest health issues occurring on the Kootenai National Forest.  

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Draft Recreation/Roadless References (Vol. 04) for DEIS

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Vol04_041 - 7,238kb Vol04_082 - 1,709kb 1977 Over Snow Motorized Use
1977S2and3 Current Over Snow Use 1977 Use

Scoping Documents

Court Documents

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Ten Lakes Wilderness Study Area (WSA) Information

Use Information

A (PDF 2,586kb) BG (PDF 50kb) CM (PDF 919kb)
AA (PDF 1,672kb) BH (PDF 137kb) CN (PDF 121kb)
AB (PDF 884kb) BI (PDF 710kb) CO (PDF 835kb)
AC (PDF 74kb) BJ (PDF 73kb) CP (PDF 1,239kb)
AD (PDF 29,419kb) BK (PDF 370kb) CQ (PDF 4,574kb)
AE (PDF 899kb) BL (PDF 82kb) CR (PDF 1,342kb)
AF (PDF 1,685kb) BM (PDF 334kb) CS (PDF 4,106)
AG (PDF 6,528kb) BN (PDF 5,589kb) CT (PDF 2,984kb)
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AJ (PDF 849kb) BQ (PDF 2,350kb) E (PDF 127b)
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AP (PDF 854kb) BX (PDF 3,099kb) K (PDF 1,325kb)
AQ (PDF 66kb) BY (PDF 22kb) L (PDF 311kb)
AR (PDF 82kb) BZ (PDF 9,787kb) M (PDF 989kb)
AS (PDF 1,514kb)   N (PDF 1,280kb)
AT (PDF 367kb) C (PDF 258kb) O (PDF 1,224kb)
AU (PDF 61kb) CA (PDF 48kb) P (PDF 331kb)
AV (PDF 188kb) CB (PDF 1,733kb) Q (PDF 325kb)
AW (PDF175kb) CC (PDF 181kb) R (PDF 1,249kb)
AX (PDF332kb) CD (PDF 154kb) S (PDF 248kb)
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Kootenai National Forest Planning Efforts

1977-1981 Travel Maps

Agency Direction and Policy

Other Documentation