Forest Product Permits

Collecting anything on National Forest System lands for commercial use requires a "Forest Product Permit". The taking or removal of forest products often requires a permit and/or the payment of a minimal fee. Commonly requested permits are for mushrooms, manzanita burls, post, poles and rails. Please inquire at the local District Office before removing any products from the forest.

Commercial purposes: A permit is required for taking or removal of any forest product for resale. 

Personal Use: A permit is required for taking or removal of the following forest products from the forest for personal use:

Personal Woodcutting Permits 
[Graphic]: Sign denoting Firewood Cutting Area.

  • Permits can be purchased that allow you to cut firewood on the Lassen National Forest. Permits are for noncommercial, personal use only. Cost of firewood permits are $10.00 per cord. Visit the Personal Use Firewood Permit page for more information.

Christmas Tree Cutting Permit
Christmas Tree Cutting Permits

  • Christmas Tree Permits are available starting November 1 and will be sold through December 22, 2023. Each permit allows for the harvesting of one Christmas tree from Lassen National Forest lands. Permits sell for $10.00 each, and the maximum allowed per household is two permits. Visit the Christmas Tree Cutting Permit page for more information.

Post and Pole Permit Request

Christmas Tree Cutting Permits

  • This request form is for a “Post and Pole” collection permit to allow the removal of this forest product within the Almanor Ranger District (zone IV) only. Posts and Poles are defined as dead standing or downed trees sold by the linear foot. Permits sell for a minimum of $20.00. The maximum diameter of posts and poles is 8 inches, at mid diameter. Standing cedar may not exceed 20” DBH (Diameter Breast Height.) For more information contact the Almanor Ranger District Office.               

Mushroom Permits

Morel Mushrooms can be found on the Lassen

  • Picking mushrooms is an enjoyable activity that takes no more than a simple basket, a knife, and a good knowledge of the forest and its fungi. The forest issues free personal use and commercial mushroom permits.
  • To obtain a free mushroom picking permit, please download, fill-out, mail back to an address listed in the application to receive your permit.
  • To "get picking," contact the District Forest Products Administrator and set up an appointment to apply for a permit. For more information check out our Mushroom Picking Tips brochure.