Opportunity for Campground and Day-Use Concession Operation

The Lincoln National Forest has issued a pre-solicitation for the concession operation of campgrounds and other government-owned recreation facilities. The purpose of the pre-solicitation is to inform businesses and organizations of the potential for an upcoming campground concession opportunity.

12 sites on the Sacramento RD are currently operated under a special use authorization. The Forest is interested in determining competitive interest for a new permit for the existing sites, in addition to receiving feedback and input on the potential to add 12 additional sites on the Smokey Bear and Guadalupe Ranger Districts to a new permit. The average annual revenue for sites currently under permit was $173,000 from 2017-21. Site currently managed by the Forest Service average $145,000 during the same period.

How to Apply

The Forest Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, may release a formal prospectus in winter/spring of 2023 to solicit proposals to operate and maintain these facilities under a special use permit. The operator is responsible for all operations and maintenance of the permitted recreation facilities as specified in the prospectus. More detailed information on this business opportunity, Forest Service concessionaire program and policies, special use permit, applications and post-selection requirements will be available in the prospectus.

Contact Recreation Program Manager Bill Greene at william.greene@usda.gov or 575-434-7331 with any questions or requests for alternative formats of the pre-solicitation (CD or hardcopy).