General Employment Information

"Working for the Great Outdoors" offers a variety of employment opportunities (both paid and unpaid) ranging from student programs to volunteer programs, part-time to full-time temporary and permanent positions in several 100 areas.

Although you may find information on open positions at one of your local offices for local jobs, all jobs are announced on-line via USA Jobs (see link below).  You will also need to apply for these jobs on-line as well.  You can visit local institutions such as the Alamogordo Public Library if you do not have computer access at home.  No current computers are currently provided at a US Forest Service office for public use.


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USA Jobs - The place to search and apply

USA Jobs is the place to apply for any and all jobs.  Once there you will need to:

  • Create a user account
  • Create an on-line resume (required).  Once you create your on-line resume you will be able to attach a different resume, one that you created seperately.
  • Tips for USA Jobs

USA Jobs and Other Helpful Links