Working Together - Volunteering

Volunteering with the Lincoln National Forest provides you a great opportunity to:

  • Give back to your community
  • Improve National Forests and Grasslands
  • Learn about natural and cultural conservation
  • Meet new people and form friendships

Get involved with the Lincoln National Forest through volunteering. Whether individually, with your family, community organization, or business, the Forest has opportunities for us to work together to care for the land. Volunteers can get started by filling out a Volunteer application with your interests and identifying the best fit.

We’ve had volunteers work with specialists doing wildlife surveys, trail maintenance, construction, mapping, and research. You can also partner with local volunteer groups that have regular volunteer work days. If you're interested in ancient or more recent history and enjoy camping, the Passport in Time (PIT) Program is a great way to assist our archaeologists in preserving and learning about our past.

In Fiscal Year 2020 - even in the midst of a pandemic - volunteers and service partners adapted and supporting essential forest projects. We had over 500 volunteers/partners contribute 21,364 hours. That is an appraised value of over $581,000 in just one year. The Lincoln National Forest engages with multiple user groups, military, youth crews, families, and partners to accomplish our mission. Year 2020 saw unprecedented vistitation to forests nationwide and there was subsequent impact on our campsites, trail, and recreation areas. If you want to be part of the solution, reach out to volunteer or even consider Adopting-a-Trail!

There are many individual efforts that you can take to care for your public lands: practice leave-no-trace ethics, good trail etiquette, clean up campfire rings, follow regulations, be a good neighbor to other visitors and wildlife, and pack out your trash! You can help organize or participate in volunteer clean up events. Check out the Lincoln National Forest Facebook page for upcoming volunteer opportunities or other efforts.

Contact the Lincoln National Forest to get a Volunteer Agreement or for more information. Thank you for your efforts.