Plan Revision: Phase II - Forest Plan and EIS Development

Page Last Updated:  07/13/2021

Milestone Events and Timeframes for Phase II






Notice of Intent / Formal Scoping

  • Notification to Revise the land management Plan in Federal Register with a 45 scoping period for public comment on the Proposed Action


Alternative Development

  • Development of proposed action alternative and other alternatives


Wilderness Inventory & Evaluation Process


Public Involvement for Wilderness

  • Obtain public feedback on each step of wilderness process


Eligible Wild & Scenic Rivers

  • Obtain public feedback on Wild and Scenic River eligibility evaluation


Preliminary Draft Plan

  • Address potential desired conditions, management objectives, and other plan components based on needs to change

  • Release for public comment

  • Identify issues raised by the public and develop alternatives to address the issues


Public Involvement on the Preliminary Draft Plan

  • Obtain public feedback on Preliminary Draft Proposed Plan, management areas, and alternatives


Draft Forest Plan and Draft EIS

  • Develop a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that analyzes the effects upon the environment of each of the Plan alternatives


Public Comments on Draft Plan and EIS

  • Obtain public feedback for at least 90 days on proposed plan and draft EIS

  • Comments are used to prepare a final EIS

Open for Comments Until Nov 5, 2021.

Final EIS and Draft Record of Decision (ROD)

  • Based on comments received during comment period, Final EIS is prepared

  • Final EIS includes FS responses to comments received during comment period

  • Draft Record of Decision (identifies the preferred alternative) is prepared


Objection Process

  • Prior to approving the preferred alternative, the public may raise issues related to the Plan revision and suggest ways to improve the plan decision

  • Final EIS and Draft ROD are made available for objection

  • Objections must be filed within 60 days following public notice date

  • Regional Forester reviews objections within 90 days after objection-filing period ends and renders written response


Final Decision

  • Based on objection review and response, final Record of Decision is made by the Carson National Forest Supervisor


Implementation and


  • Forest Service implements the Plan and begins on-going monitoring