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The Smokey Bear Hotshots were formed as an elite Type 1 fire fighting crew in 1976 and are based out of Ruidoso, NM in the heart of the Sacramento and Capitan Mountains. In 1950 during the Capitan Fire, a little and burned bear cub was found by a local crew of volunteer fire fighters. This bear was nursed back to health and was adopted by the National Zoo in Washington, DC and renamed "Smokey Bear" and began a long and healthy life as the living symbol of fire prevention.

The Ranger District (formerly the Ruidoso District) and the hotshot crew adopted the honorary name of  "Smokey Bear" to honor this event. The crew travels all over the US to fight fires and assist with a number of other incidents involving natural disasters. Although Ruidoso is in the heart of New Mexico, the village itself rests in the high mountains.



The 2015 Smokey Bear Hotshots Conducting a prescribed burn on the Lincoln National Forest Posing for a picture with a stunning sunset Fighting a fire in tall and dense saltcedar. Mass movement of fire vehicles on the Little Bear Fire Damage from hurricane Katrina The hotshots holding the line. Hotshots training to use a cross-cut saw.

Prepping for the 2016 Season:  1st Aid and Rescue Training

There's a great deal of preparation that goes into each season for a hotshot crew, including 1st aid - rescue - chainsaw - crosscut saw - and all types of other fire related elements.  The photos to the left show the crew getting a refresher on 1st aid including how to properly load up an injured person onto a stretcher.
1st Aid Training, spring 2016 1st Aid Training, spring 2016