About the Forest - Personnel

Lolo NF Personnel

The Forest Supervisor's Office (Headquarters) for the Lolo NF is at Fort Missoula, Missoula, Montana. Five Ranger Districts of approximately 500,000 acres each administer portions of the forest, including the many camping areas, recreation trails and roads across 2.1 million acres.

The Lolo NF workforce is comprised of a variety of specialists and managers that provide the needed expertise for all aspects of land management, including:

  • a Forest Supervisor,
  • District Rangers,
  • administrative staff, and
  • program managers,
  • archeologists,
  • computer and communications,
  • engineers,
  • fire managers/fire fighters,
  • fisheries biologists,
  • forest ecologists and silviculturists,
  • geologists,
  • hydrologists,
  • law enforcement officers,
  • land and realty specialists,
  • public affairs specialists,
  • range conservationists,
  • recreation specialists,
  • visitor information specialists, and
  • wildlife biologists.